February 29, 2008

Scheduled Posts for Blogger Have Finally Arrived!

It seems that Blogger has listened to our feature requests, and have finally implemented the feature which will allow us to schedule our posts!

Currently this feature is only available for use through Blogger in Draft (where we are able to test new widgets and features before their mainstream release). Luckily, all registered Blogger users are able to log in through draft.blogger.com to access their dashboards, so we can all access this great new feature right away!

How to schedule your posts

This is really easy! I've already tried this out myself, and can honestly say that it's no more "fiddly" than writing a regular blog post!

Simply log in to your blog through http://deaft.blogger.com. The dashboard looks a little different but everything should still work in the same way.

Click on the link to create a new post, and type your post as normal. When you have finished, click on the "post options" link beneath your post:

Now change the date and time in the box to the right to those when you would like your blog to be published.

Finally, save your post, and you'll receive a message looking something like this:

When you now view your posts list in your dashboard, you will see your scheduled posts are highlighted with their date and time of publishing.

My thoughts

I'm so pleased to know that Blogger have finally decided to implement this function, especially as posting by scheduled email doesn't allow us to use images in our posts. Now many of us won't have to worry about maintaining our blogs while we're away from the computer: we can simply write them in advance!

Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions about scheduling posts in Blogger below. I'd be interested to know how you will be using this new feature too!

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