February 05, 2008

MyBlogLog commment avatars not working? Try this fix

I just noticed that the MyBlogLog comment avatars weren't working in this blog. It seems that Merlinox (the blogger who invented this hack) has either removed or relocated the script we were using to make the avatars appear in our Blogger blogs. So the avatars just weren't appearing at all.

Thankfully, I had saved a copy of the JavaScript file which I've now uploaded to my own host, and not the avatars are working for me again.

So if you have installed the MyBlogLog comment avatars hack and your avatars do not display, here is the fix:

Find this line in your blog template:

<script src='http://blog.merlinox.com/MrX/Blog/test/myBlogAvatar2.js' type='text/javascript'/>

And change the line in red to this instead:


This will link to the script hosted on my server instead, and will ensure your MyBlogLog comment avatars display as normal.

Alternatively, you can download the JavaScript to your computer, upload this to your own hosting service, then change the URL in your blog template accordingly.

Hope this solves any problems you may have been experiencing as users of this hack!

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