May 23, 2007

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In this section you will find any important announcements and information about Blogger Buster.

Blogger Template Design Series

A series of articles to take you through the process of designing a Blogger template.

Custom Domains

Information about using Blogger's "custom domain" service.

Feeds and Syndication

Learn about using your blog's feeds and syndicating your content.


General articles and resources about blogging and using the Blogger platform.

Labels, Categories and Tags

Here you will find articles about using Blogger's labeling system, tagging your posts and other useful information.

Readers' Questions

Occasionally I use a question presented by a Blogger Buster reader to write an article which is of benefit for us all.

SEO and Blog Traffic

This category features articles to help you optimize your blog for search engines and increase your readership.

Widgets and Add-Ons

If you're looking for some useful widgets or scripts to add interactivity to your blog, this will surely be a useful category to browse!

Blogger News and Issues

Blogger-related news, issues and workarounds for any problems with the platform are detailed in this section.

Blogger Templates

Here you will find articles about Blogger templates, including resources and showcases of great designs.

Customize your Blogger Template

Features tutorials to help you customize all aspects of your Blogger template.

Free Blogger Templates

Here you can find all of the Blogger templates I've designed for use in your own Blogger blogs.

Images, Icons and Badges

Articles to help you add imagery to your Blogger blog.

Monetize your Blog

A selection of articles about blog monetization, including AdSense implementation.


Free and useful resources for bloggers, including link collections and external services.


Here you will find a selection of useful Blogging tools which are accessible here on site.

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May 05, 2007

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I created Blogger Buster when I realized that my posts regarding my experiences of Blogger were the most popular I had written. Soon after I also began to develop my own Blogger templates and resources to in order to provide a comprehensive resource site for Bloggers where useful content can be found in one easily accessible place.

Currently I am a full-time mum and blogger. Prior to this I studied for a degree in English Language and Literature while working part time as a freelance web designer.

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