June 29, 2012

What are the top Blogger blogs of 2012?

Back in 2008, I posted the top 50 Blogger powered blogs - the result of extensive research and analysis into blogs hosted on the Blogger platform.

I'd love to update this list for 2012 to include the most popular and influential sites hosted on the Blogger platform.

Can you help by recommending your favorite Blogger-powered sites?

June 27, 2012

Atticus One Page Portfolio Template for Blogger - Now Available

View Demo | Buy Now
I'm very excited to release my new Premium Blogger Template: Atticus Portfolio!

Designed as a "one-page" portfolio website, this template includes many unique features, including a slideshow which can be configured via a simple gadget and automatic lightbox-enabled thumbnails to show off your work!

My main consideration when designing this template ws to ensure that anyone would be able to use this template quickly and easily, with no requirement whatsoever to edit the HTML or add custom CSS. In the process I learn discovered several new techniques for designing intuitive Blogger templates and am very pleased with the final result of this design.

Currently priced at only $2.95 for a limited period (the regular price will be $5.95), Atticus Portfolio is robust, responsive and well worth a look!

Take a look at the demo site and scroll down to discover more about the features of this stylish new Blogger template.

Create Custom Permalinks for Blogger Posts

I discovered a lovely surprise when logging into Blogger to create a post this morning: the ability to create custom permalinks for posts!

Usually when we create a post, the URL generated for the item page is based on the post title. By creating a custom URL we can use a different structure which can help posts rank higher in search engines, as well as being more user-friendly.

June 24, 2012

Even more fonts for Blogger with Google Web Fonts

Using the Blogger Template Designer, we can spruce up our blogs using any of the many custom fonts available. This selection is powered by Google Web Fonts, and offers a wide variety of styles for almost any type of blog.

However, if none of these fonts are suitable for your design, take a look at the huge selection (currently over 500) of freely available web fonts available from Google.

We can use any of these fonts in our Blogger templates by adding just a few lines of code. Here's how to use any Google Web Font in your Blogger template design in just a few simple steps.

June 19, 2012

Smooth Scrolling to Anchor Links on Page with Blogger (Quick Tip)

When writing long posts or pages in Blogger, it can be useful to have links enabling readers to quickly scroll to the relevant section of the page.

An example of this which is found in most Blogger sites is the "Comments" link which when clicked jumps to the comment section on the post item page.

Rather than jump sharply to the linked section, it may be desirable to scroll gracefully. This provides the reader with a glimpse of the content they are skipping over, and is a nice touch to add to a well-designed site.

Here's a quick tip to scroll smoothly to a section link further down (or up!) a page in Blogger.

June 13, 2012

Community College - A Premium Blogger Template

Community College is a premium Blogger template with a difference! This design offers a means of creating a simple web presence rather than a simple Blogger "blog". It is incredibly customizable, and when using this template you can create a fully fledged website in a matter of clicks!

Ideal for those wishing to develop a website for a school, college or community organization, it works equally well for small businesses or freelancers.

Take a look at the live demo for this template to see the design in action or find for high-resolution sceenshots below.

For a limited time, this template will be available at the introductory price of just $2.95!

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