August 04, 2008

12 Free Photoblog Templates for Blogger

With the increased trend towards photoblogging, many bloggers seek one column templates which enhance the appearance of their photographs.

In this article, I have gathered 12 free Blogger XML templates which use the one column layout. These templates provide the perfect backdrop for photo-bloggers and designers to showcase their work.

Photoblog templates tend to have a different layout structure to regular templates. Because of this, I have included full page screenshots of these templates which offers a better overall view of the template.

1. Ser Photoblogger by Ser Turista

A minimalist CSS based template with three columns in the footer.

Demo | Download

2. The Pattern by Our Blog Templates

A wide photolog template which is ideal for those who prefer to display larger images in their posts.

Demo (image only) | Download

3. Restoration by Frivmo

A simple blue toned template with space for widgets in the footer.

Demo | Download

4. The Lake by Our Blog Templates

This beautiful one column template has plenty of space for images and three columns in the footer.


5. Minimalista Negro by Blog and Web

An elegant single column template with iconized links for labels and dates.

Demo | Download

6. Ambiru by BlogCrowds

This narrow template is simple and dark with two columns in the footer for widgets. Converted from the classic Blogger template originally by Gecko and Fly.

Demo | Download

7. iPhone Template by Jackbook

Converted from the original theme by Themey, this single column template has the appearance of an iPhone.

Demo | Download

8. Photoblog by Our Blogger Templates

A minimalist template accented with pink titles.


10. Neonix by Blog and Web

Neonix would look great with colorful imagery set against this green theme.

Demo | Download

11. Photoblog II by Our Blog Templates

Another wide photoblog template with a simple and elegant design.


12. Photoblog (Dark) by Ser Turista

A dark one column theme which sets of colorful images perfectly.

Demo | Download

Over to you

I hope you enjoy this selection of free photo-blog style templates and may find these useful for your own blogging projects. Photo-blog style templates are becoming increasingly popular, though there are few blog designers who have constructed templates in this style. If I have missed any out, or if you discover any other free templates in this style, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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