August 02, 2008

Unable to view your blog? Sitemeter may be causing the problem!

Many bloggers are seeing an error like this when trying to view certain blogs:
IE cannot open the internet at" (or whatever the site is) Operation Aborted
This occurs when trying to view a blog (or website) which has SiteMeter installed when browsing with Internet Explorer 5.5, 6 or 7. The problem appears to be a critical issue with SiteMeter's statistics code. Take a look at One Project Closer for more information about this. If you are using SiteMeter in your blog, you should remove the code from your template or widgets completely, or anyone using Internet Explorer to access your site will be unable to view your blog. The SiteMeter code will probably look something like this:
<script src="””" type="”text/javascript”"> </script> <noscript><br> <a href=”” target=”_top”><br> <img src=”” alt=”Site Meter” border=”0″/></a><br> </noscript>
Once removed from your template, your blog should load fine again. Update: Compulsivo discovered that switching from JavaScript to regular HTML for the SiteMeter code solves the issue and allows you to retain your SiteMeter statistics. Thank you for the advice, Compulsivo! Update #2: The problem now seems to be resolved on the user end, though the SiteMeter site still will not load properly in IE. Thanks Todd! I'll update this post when (or if) SiteMeter address the issue or the problem is fixed.

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