August 14, 2008

Grid Focus - New Blogger XML Template

Generally I prefer to design Blogger templates from scratch than convert existing themes, but for Grid Focus, I made an exception.

This beautiful, grid based design is among one of the best and most customizable themes I have ever used. Converted from the original Wordpress theme by Derek Punsalan of, it features a neat three column layout, an amazing navigation bar and integrated links for the home, main-content and blog feeds. Take a look at this theme in action in the demo blog, or read on for download and installation details.

Here is a full page screenshot of the Grid Focus theme for Blogger:

All of the colors in this template can be changed from the Fonts and Colors section in your Blogger dashboard. So if you prefer to have a bright pink background and electric blue links, you can change these features with ease!

In the download package for this theme, I have included both the XML template and a text version of the template. Full instructions for upload and editing of links in the navigation bar are also included in the download.
If you have any problems downloading this theme, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Full support is offered in the Blogger Buster forum if required.

Credits and Copyight Notice

This theme is conveted from Derek Punsalan's original Grid Focus theme for Wordpress and is released under a Creative Commons Non Commercial Attribution License.

This means that you can use this theme in your own personal projects, but you cannot sell this theme!

Please remember to give credit where credit is due! The credit link to must remain intact in this template (this is a condition of use from the original designer).

Over to you!

I hope you enjoy this Blogger template and find the customization options to be suitable for your needs. Feel free to tell me your thoughts and opinions by leaving your comments below.

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