February 03, 2010

80+ Hand-Picked Beautiful and Original Blogger Designs

Customizing our Blogger blogs is now easier than ever. Aside from the hundreds of pre-made templates available for us to simply upload to our sites, there are innumerable tutorials helping us design more beautiful and interesting sites. Yet some Blogger users look beyond these simpler design features to construct stunning original Blogger designs.

Over at We Love Blogger, you can find a daily showcase of inspiring Blogger-based designs. Here are the cream of the crop: more than 80 Blogger-powered blogs of unusual design or outstanding quality, provided as a feast of inspiration for your own projects.

February 02, 2010

Help! My Template Disappeared!

As many of you may now realize, I've been on a somewhat lengthy hiatus...

Unfortunately in my absence, one of my websites used for hosting older templates and related images has disappeared! This means that many of you currently using these templates now find them unusable, or downright ugly.

Luckily, I've managed to find an old backup CD which includes most of these templates and I'm now in the process of updating them.

Unfortunately, the backup CDs are mostly corrupted. I'm unable to access the images used for these files in order to update the templates.

The templates affected by this issue are:

  • Sunset
  • Girly Web 2.0
  • Magical - Now updated - see below
  • Sweet Dreams (all versions)
If by any chance any Blogger Buster readers still have the original Zip files or images (and would be willing to send these over) please do get in touch!

I'm truly truly sorry for those affected by this problem and will endeavor to do all I can to retrieve and update these older templates wherever possible.

I'll update this post regularly with details of any templates I am able to update with links to the updated files. Please let me know if you're experiencing issues with a template not listed here so I can attempt to resolve all problems as soon as possible

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