February 08, 2008

101 Excellent Blogger XML Templates

I love designing Blogger templates, and over the past few weeks I've been scouring the web to find the best, and most inspirational Blogger XML template designs. This post is a showcase of the best Blogger template designs available for free download, collected from some of the best sources on the web. With 101 excellent Blogger XML templates in total, you're sure to find something you like in this list!

My Top 10


AspireAspire by InfoCreek I love the parchment style of this template, which comes complete with a calendar widget and customized comment count. Ported from the original Wordpress theme, this is a truly exceptional Blogger template! Demo | Download


Blogger PolaroidPolaroid for Blogger by eBlog Templates This is a much loved theme for Wordpress users, so I was thrilled to see this converted for Blogger by eBlogTemplates! You can change the polaroid picture to feature anything you want, and while some work is required to make all of the features work in this template, it is certainly worth the effort! Demo | Download


IplantillaiPlantilla by Blog and Web Another great WP theme conversion by Blog and Web. The clean, stylish theme of this template is what inspires me. All individual widgets are styled as you see in this preview, and it's very easy to use. Demo | Download


Mosaico I can't begin to tell you how cool this template is! With a grunge style theme and the best search box I've ever seen, this definitely deserves more than a second glance! By Blog And Web. Demo | Download

Red White

Red White Blogger templateRed White template by Jackbook This magazine style template by Jackbook has plenty of features to offer, and looks great in the bargain! Demo | Download

The Late Show

The Late ShowThe Late Show by Liz Lubowitz (updated by Blog Crowds) This excellent template was originally designed for Movable Type and won The Style Contest for the best blog design. After being modified by Blog Crowds, you can now use this template for your Blogger hosted blogs too. Demo | Download


ColibriColibri by by John Oxton and Denis Radenkovic. Beautiful, isn't it? While not quite as functional as some of the other templates I'll cover here, this is certainly an awe-inspiring design. Download


iPhone TemplateiPhone template by Geekhacks and Jackbook Yes, the iPhone is everywhere these days, and now you can have an iPhone as your Blogger template design! But it does look great, doesn't it? Demo | Download


Typo XPTypo XP 2.1 by Ustadz A web 2.0 style template for Blogger with navigation links and icon sets for the sidebar headings. Truly unique! Demo | Download


HemingwayHemingway by Kyle Neath and Blog Crowds A beautifully simple monochrome template. You really need to see this in action to understand why I love this one so much! Demo | Download


EmireEmire by Gecko and Fly Simple and elegant, this template is a firm favorite of many Bloggers. Demo | Download

The best of the rest

While these Blogger templates didn't make it to my personal top ten, the following are excellent Blogger templates! So in no particular order of preference, I present a further 91 stylish and well designed Blogger templates which are all free to use and download:

Andreas 02

Andreas02 Features tabbed navigation and an excellent header section. By Gecko and Fly Demo | Download


Rotterdam By Pannasmontata Demo | Download

Glossy Blue

Glossy Blue Hi tech, glossy magazine style with mini icons in the sidebar Demo | Download

Wow (Smashing)

Wow (Smashing) The Jackbook conversion of an excellent (OMG! style) template, with all features intact Demo | Download


Semipro With tabbed navigation and a web 2.0 feel. Designed by Dzelque Demo | Download

Semipro II

Semipro II A dark version of Semipro, by Dzelque Demo | Download


Sky3c Unique icons and title styling. Modified for Blogger by Blog Crowds Demo | Download


02 A slick Web 2.0 style template featuring all the right styles, designed by Blog And Web Demo | Download


Neo A lightning fast, Ajax powered Blogger template which was designed to be customized with your own styling. Designed by Hackosphere Demo | Download


Enlighten A beautiful glossy blue and black theme with a feminine touch. Designed by Zona Cerebral Demo | Download


Gluttony Monochrome and very professional. By Zona Cerebral. Demo | Download

Premium Brown

Premium Brown Yet another delicious template from Zona Cerebral. Features 125px square ad spaces in the sidebar, plus excellent use of icons throughout the template. Demo | Download


Decorativo I like the stylish curled corner in the top of the sidebar! Overall, a professional and well designed conversion by Blog and Web. Demo | Download


Butterfly Here's one of my own designs: the Butterfly template which features animated butterfly in the sidebar. This is probably the most downloaded template I have produced so far, and it's usable "right out of the box". Demo | Download

DF Theme (3 Column)

DF Theme Based on the classic Deziner Folio theme, Jackbook has converted this to a three column version for Blogger. Demo | Download


Gossipcity Another excellent conversion from Wordpress. By Blog And Web Demo | Download


Resurrection Dark and imaginative, with function for your Twitter feed and a great RSS/Feed icon. By Zona Cerebral Demo | Download

Summer Love

Summer Love A feminine two column theme by Blog Crowds Demo | Download


Shylapa Another finalist from the Style Contest modified by Blog Crowds. Demo | Download


Mistylook A classic and timeless design. By Blog Crowds. Demo | Download

Cool Blue

Cool Blue A pale blue, Web 2.0 style template of my own design. Features unique sidebar design and calendar widgets. Demo | Download

Red Web 2.0 template

Red web 2.0 A red version of the Web 2,0 style template Demo | Download


K2 Another classic theme by Gecko and Fly Demo | Download

Erudite (3 column)

Erudite (3 column) A three column template for the guys... By Gecko and Fly. Demo | Download

Flower Pink Border

Flower Pink Border And a template for the girls, by SuckMyLolly Demo | Download

Smashing (magazine)

Smashing (magazine) Based on the Smashing Magazine theme, by Blog And Web. Demo | Download

Clean Elegant

Clean Elegant Simple and fresh, by Jackbook Demo | Download

Drivin to L.A.

Drivin to L.A. A retro feminine theme by SuckMyLolly Demo | Download


Underground A simple but effective template by B-Themes Demo | Download


Minyx Another great template from B-themes which was converted from a Wordpress theme created by Mauricio Caballero. Demo | Download

Quirky Valentine

Quirky Valentine A candy cute girly theme by Better in Pink Demo | Download

City Tree

City Tree Yellow themes seem few and far between, but this one carries it off SO well! By Dan S. Demo | Download

Terminal Black

Terminal Black A classy dark three column theme by Charm Skins Demo | Download

Terra Blue

Terra Blue Clean and blue with an RSS icon in the sidebar. This template was designed by Charm Skins. Demo | Download

Tropical Retreat

Tropical Retreat Doesn't this theme make you want to start a travel blog on a beautiful desert island somewhere..? Theme by Free Blogger Skins. Read more and download

Beauty Beach

Beauty Beach Another cute template by Free Blogger Skins Read more and download


Simplicity A fresh and feminine theme by Fresh Blogger Templates Demo | Download

Terra Firma

Terra Firma A beautifully designed two column template. Converted from Wordpress by Fresh Blogger Templates Demo | Download

The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece Originally designed by CSS Templates, this theme has been converted for Blogger by Fresh Blogger Templates Demo | Download

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day A serene, feminine template by Templates for You. Demo | Download

A day without Chocolate

A Day Without Chocolate Delicious! A girly theme by Annie of BlogU Demo | Download


Midnight A widgetized version of the popular Blogger template, by Template Panic. Demo | Download


Shinobi A smooth dark Web 2.0 style template by Blogger Buster Demo | Download


Aquaria Shiny, Web 2.0 style template with an aquatic theme. By Templates for You. Demo | Download

She's got style

She’s got Style This would be a great theme for a fashion blog or budding fashionista. Originally a Wordpress theme by Grab a Theme and Sweet Melancholy, ported to Blogger XML by Templates for You. Demo | Download


LikeWise This one's unusual: one wide main column with three columns in the footer. Ideal for Bloggers whose content is of first and foremost importance! By Thurbroeders. Demo | Download

Snow Below

Snow Below I just love this template by Annie of BlogU. It's so serene and pretty! Demo | Download

Bloggin Out Loud

Bloggin Out Loud A well designed three column template by Gisele Jaquenod. Read more and download

Birdies Secret Garden

Secret Garden A cute birdy themed template by Gisele Jaquenod. Read more and download


Maserati Simple two column theme with masculine elegance. By Final Sense. Demo | Download


Agua This cool minimalist template features header navigation links and a smart sidebar. Adapted for Blogger by Blog and Web. Demo | Download


Dead Dark and gothic, this theme will certainly have a fond following... Created for Blogger by Blog and Web. Demo | Download

Autumn Grass

Autumn Grass I love the concept of this template: a wholly interactive header with vertical links navigation, ad spots and even support for videos! Designed by K2 Modify (a variation of this theme is used in this blog) Read more and download

Classic ProBlogger template

Classic ProBlogger template If you're a fan of Problogger, you may well regognize this theme. Created for Blogger by K2 Modify Read more and download

Basic Black YouTube template

Black Basic YouTube template So you want to feature YouTube videos in your blog header? Then this design by K2 Modify is for you! Read more and download


Eclipse A simple dark theme with sidebar icons and header navigation. By Planet of Free Blog Templates Read more and download


Hobbit For Hobbit fans, this would make an excellent choice! By Hans of Beautiful Beta. Read more and download

Flower Girl

Flower Girl Sweet and feminine without being tacky. By Free Blog Skins. Read more and download

Bloggerized Adsense

Bloggerized Adsense Plenty of ad slots in this template, which makes it ideal for those who make money online! By Blogger Beta. Demo | Download

Buy iPod

Buy iPod Great navigation in this tech-style template! Created by Jackbook. Read more and download

Red Glow

Red Glow Moody and dark, this template somehow reminds me of The Ghosts of Mars... Great template nonetheless! And very stylized. Designed by Jackbook. Demo | Download

Fluid Solution

Fluid Solution As the title suggests, this is a fluid template which will stretch to fit the browser window. Clean and simple, you can change the logo to suit your own tastes. Ported to Blogger by Jackbook. Demo | Download


Mushblue Another great Wordpress conversion by Jackbook. Demo | Download


Gemstone A lightweight blue and black design with many links in the header. Great for gadget/technology blogs. Originally designed by GemStone CSS, of Arcsin, and now ported by Erica Akira of Templates for You. Demo | Download


Rosa A simple two column blog with a STUNNING header! Designed by Blog and Web. Demo | Download

Wordpress Admin

Wordpress Admin Would you like to confuse your visitors into thinking they have stumbled across your Wordpress admin page? If so, take a look at this "Wordpress Admin" themed template. Jackbook even did a great job of confusing me... Demo | Download


JournalRed Stylish and classic design by Dzelque. Demo | Download


Tierra A striking, earthy design by Blog and Web. Demo | Download


Zen Professional and relatively simple. Another great theme by Blog and Web. Demo | Download


NeonNeon Daring and inspirational, this template really hits the mark. by Blog and Web Demo | Download


Sandpress Professional and light, converted for Blogger by Zona Cerebral. Demo | Download

Paper Border

Paper Border Features a paper effect around the whole blog. Designed by Template Panic. Demo | Download

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Monochrome template with a quirky, homely feel. By Template Panic. Read more and download


iwork Such a slick and usable theme! Converted from the original Wordpress theme by Jackbook. Demo | Download


Neosapien Striking and original, by Blog and Web. Demo | Download

Candy Colored Dreams

Candy Colored Dreams A retro style theme by SuckMyLolly. Demo | Download

Magic Paper

Magic Paper Mystical and artistic. A wonderful Blogger port by Blog Crowds. Demo | Download

Top Secret

Top Secret Make your blog appear as a top secret file! Ported to Blogger by Blog Crowds. Demo | Download

Cat Crazy

Cat Crazy Perhaps it's the cat lover in me... A cute and stylish template by Fresh Blogger Templates. Demo | Download


Provincia A shiny Web 2.0 style theme by Blog and Web. Demo | Download

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams This is quite an old theme now, but it's still one of my favorite designs. Demo | Download

Firefox 2

Firefox 2 Firefox fans will love this clear and simple theme by Final Sense. Demo | Download

Gourmet Menu

Gourmet Menu A template for food lovers, by Blogger Buster. Demo | Download

Fluid Width Three Column

Fluid Width Three Column Theme Designed by Vin of Beta Blogger for Dummies, this theme will adjust fluidly to fit the browser size without breaking the template. Includes navigation links in the header section, and is optimized for search engines. Demo | Download


Styleicious This fresh and funky theme was converted from a Wordpress theme by Blog and Web. Demo | Download


Chocolate Candy Yoghourt The original Yoghourt Wordpress theme has always been one of my favorites, so I was really pleased to see Jackbook had converted this for Blogger! Demo | Download

My Valentine

My Valentine One of my most recent themes, this was designed in honor of Valentines'd Day, though it is a feminine and pretty blog theme which could easily be used all year round. Demo | Download


Compaq This unusual theme makes your posts appear as though on the screen of the computer! Designed by Final Sense. Demo | Download

Pink Diva

Pink Diva A simple and "oh-so-girly" theme from Fresh Blogger Templates Demo | Download


Voodoo A cute, yet arguably sinister theme by SuckMyLolly. Demo | Download

Super Custom

Super Custom My latest template is probably the most customizable Blogger XML template yet! Users can change almost all background and font colors for each section using the Fonts and Colors interface, and do not need to hack the template code! This is optimized for ads with a wide sidebar which can include two 125px square ads side by side, and since there are no images used in this template, you can be sure it will load super fast! Demo | Download (XML file)

I do hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed researching it! I would love to know of your favorite templates from this list, or of any other sites you know of which offer Blogger XML templates, so please feel free to leave your comments and opinions below.

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