August 14, 2012

Alternative Lorem Ipsum Generator - It's Adventure Time!

Adventure Time Filler Text and Random Image Generator
If you've been reading Blogger Buster for a while, you may have noticed my affection for quirky filler text generators which I use to quickly add content to Blogger template demo sites.

As a side project, I decided to code my own filler text generator, based on dialogue from my favourite animated series, Adventure Time. Check it out at - you can generate a full page of content (including headings and lists); a number of paragraphs, and even placeholder images based on various Adventure Time episodes. 

It makes a great alternative to Lorem Ipsum text and best of all, it's powered by Blogger!

August 13, 2012

Incipient - A Free Responsive Blogger Template

Free Responsive template for Blogger Preview
Incipient is a free responsive template for Blogger, which offers a simple layout which adjusts according to the size of the screen it is viewed upon.

Fully customizable through the Blogger Template Designer, this simple design is suitable for a wide variety of blogs and is fully gadgetized.

On wider screens, the template expands to the width of the screen, including a right-aligned sidebar and two widget sections in the footer. For smaller resolutions, the template adjusts and sidebar gadgets appear beneath the main posts section, while the footer gadgets widen to the width of the screen.

View the live demo or read on for screenshots and installation details.

August 03, 2012

How to add Google+ Updates Gadget to Blogger

As yet, there is no official "widget" or RSS feed which we can embed in Blogger to display a stream of our recent posts on Google Plus.

Luckily, Google+ to RSS offers a free service enabling us to generate an RSS feed for our personal profiles and pages which we can add to a simple Feed gadget in Blogger.

Take a look at the sidebar to see this technique in action and read on to find out how to add a Google+ updates gadget in your own Blogger site.

August 02, 2012

Lucius - A Premium Blogger Template

Buy Now
Lucius Template is a premium design for Blogger which offers a simple layout and powerful customisation features.

It is incredibly easy to set up, requiring no special configurations or third-party scripts, and is ideal for freelance promotion or to serve as a business website.

Take a look at the demo site for Lucius Template, or read on for screenshots and more details.

For a limited time, Lucius Template is available for the reduced introductory price of $2.95!

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