August 13, 2012

Incipient - A Free Responsive Blogger Template

Free Responsive template for Blogger Preview
Incipient is a free responsive template for Blogger, which offers a simple layout which adjusts according to the size of the screen it is viewed upon.

Fully customizable through the Blogger Template Designer, this simple design is suitable for a wide variety of blogs and is fully gadgetized.

On wider screens, the template expands to the width of the screen, including a right-aligned sidebar and two widget sections in the footer. For smaller resolutions, the template adjusts and sidebar gadgets appear beneath the main posts section, while the footer gadgets widen to the width of the screen.

View the live demo or read on for screenshots and installation details.


Here's a selection of screenshots (taken from the demo site) to demonstrate how this template will appear for different resolutions. Click each image for a larger preview:




Installation instructions

This template is designed to be installed on a Blogger (Blogspot) blog. If you don't already operate a Blogger blog, simply sign up to use Blogger and follow the instructions to create your site.
If you value the design customisations you've made to an existing Blogger blog, be sure to back up your existing template before installing Incipient as this will overwrite custom changes.

Once you are ready to install Incipient...

Ensure you have extracted all contents of the .zip folder accompanying this document to a familiar location on your computer. In particular, you need to be able to find the file named incipient-template-v1.xml which is the main template file.

Log into Blogger and navigate to the dashboard of the site on which you want to install this template, and click the Template link in the left-hand column. Then click the Backup/Restore button in the top right corner.

On the pop-up page which appears, click the Browse button and locate the file named incipient-template-v1.xml and choose to upload it. You're now ready to begin using your new template!

Uploading images in this template

When uploading images to your blog posts and/or gadgets, be sure to upload pictures at the maximum size you would like them to display.

When adding images to a blog post, choose to display at the original size. When uploading images to gadgets, do not check the box to automatically adjust the size. Incipient includes CSS which resizes images for you according to the device on which it is displayed.

How this template works

Incipient was designed for those who want to produce a simple blog which displays well on all resolutions. On desktop computers or devices which feature a larger screen size, the template displays as a two column design with both columns adjusted to fit the width of the screen. On smaller resolutions, only a single column is displayed, with the sidebar and footer sections appearing beneath the main posts column.

Customizing Incipient

All fonts, colours and backgrounds for this template may be changed in the Blogger Template Designer (Template>Customize in your Blogger dashboard). Gadgets may be added, altered or removed in the layout in the Layout section of your Blogger dashboard.

License and terms of use

This template was designed and coded by Amanda Kennedy of Blogger Buster and is licensed under a Creative Commons Non Commercial, No Derivatives license.

You may use and distribute this template freely, however you may not sell this template or claim this as your own creation.

What do you think?

I enjoy creating templates for other Blogger users and appreciate any opinions from those who use them. Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions for this template below.

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