January 18, 2011

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I've been working on the Blogger Buster Facebook page in recent weeks to include a better landing page, gallery of my recent Blogger templates and content exclusively available for Facebook fans:

Blogger Buster Landing Page

January 17, 2011

Autodiscover your Twitter Feed with Blogger

When using Blogger, the RSS autodiscovery tags for our blog feeds are automatically generated, enabling visitors to easily subscribe for updates by clicking the orange icon in our browser's address bar:

Many bloggers use Twitter to promote their website and add an extra stream of conversation to our blog. In addition to adding a Twitter photostream or link to our Twitter profile in our layout, we can add autodiscovery tags to our template, enabling visitors a simple and alternative means of subscribing for updates.

January 10, 2011

Free Blogger Backgrounds and Textures to Spice up Your Site

Background images can instantly transform the appearance of our Blogger sites. Using the Blogger template designer, we can easily upload and configure a new background image in just a few clicks, while those using older templates need only add a few lines of code to achieve a dramatic effect.

In this post, you'll find resources for hundreds of different free backgrounds, patterns and textures you can use to spice up your Blogger site, along with instructions for applying this simple but extensive effect.

January 02, 2011

100 of the Best Free Blogger Templates from 2010

Last year was a great year for the production and quality of free Blogger templates. Designers from all corners of the world have produced literally hundreds of templates which we can use to enhance our sites.

To save you time browsing through the many galleries and websites, I've collected 100 of my favourite designs from 2010, with large screenshots and links to both live demos and instructional/download pages. Presented in no particular order, these are organized by Blogger template developer and offer a wide variety of styles to suit any type of site.

I hope you enjoy browsing through these gorgeous templates!

January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Image credit: [Mooi]

Wishing you all a very happy start to 2011!

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