June 01, 2012

30+ Free and Inspiring Blogger Templates

Showcasing the designs of Blogger template designers has been a regular feature on Blogger Buster. Each time I compile a collection of Blogger templates, I am fascinated to see the variety of free designs available. But after seeing some of the free designs available in 2012, this time I'm truly awed.

Having discovered (and of course, bookmarked) some truly amazing Blogger template designers, I present more than 30 of my favourite templates for 2012 with full template screenshots and links to the designers' sites.

P.S. Don't forget to check out some of the older Blogger template collections!

1. BoyBurnsBlog

A clean minimalist template which is customizable through the Blogger Template Designer. Uses jQuery Masonary for a non-linear appearance. I particularly like how images are resized to fit the entire available space of the columns. This is an original design by Blogger Xpertise (and I hope there's more to follow!)

Demo | Download

2. Circulos

Designed by Compartdisimo, this is a stunning template in which images are automatically transformed to be circular in appearance. Ideal as a portfolio template!

Demo | Download

3. O-Beat

A stunning design by Loefa-Cebook which includes an integrated slider on the home page.

Demo | Download

4. X6 Yellow

Also available in dark and light variations, this is a visually stunning template designed by Urang Kurai with a unique display of posts on the home page.

Demo | Download

5. X5 Shadow 

Another stunning Blogger template by Urang Kurai, this dark design has plenty of space for gadgets.

Demo | Download

6. Proposal Theme

Uses a photo image as a background to generate this striking effect. Perfect for business websites, though a lot of template tweaking is required. Designed by 54Blogger.

Demo | Download

7. The Picfotoplate

Another fresh template designed by 54Blogger, which is ideal to showcase photography, art and design work.

Demo | Download

8. Lifetime

Converted from the Wordpress template by Top WP Themes and converted for Blogger by Advinas Bhardwaj, this dark Blogger design feature striking set-up for posts and plenty of room for gadgets.

Demo | Download

9. Boston

A clean stylish design based on the Wordpress theme by Fab Themes and converted by Best Theme.

Demo | Download

10. Shutter Shot

A stunning design with a full-page slideshow background which is ideal for photographers and artists! Based on the original template by Fab Themes and converted for Blogger by Best Themes.

Demo | Download

11. Deposit Photos

An excellent portfolio template designed by Best Themes. From what I can tell, this is an original theme (not converted) but please feel free to let me know if further accreditation is required!

Demo | Download

12. Manifest

A minimalist, single column theme for those want their content to take center stage! Originally designed by Jim Barraud and converted for Blogger by Litethemes.

Demo | Download

13. Versatile

As the title suggests, this is an incredibly versatile theme (showcased in the demo as a bibliophile blog), with plenty of gadget spaces available and a wonderful use of the "popular posts" widget near the footer.

Demo | Download

14. Capture

I adore this beautifully simple theme which would be perfect as a portfolio style website (though I'm personally very tempted to use it as the basis for my personal blog!). An original design by Dzignine.

Demo | Download

15. Blogger Store

This template is amazing! Featuring SimpleCart integration and a custom layout for posts. It's even possible to customize elements using the Blogger Template Designer! An original design by JavaTemplates.

Demo | Download

16. Brown Flyer

This resume style template was designed by Resume Online Template and provides a stylish way to show off your employability.

Demo | Download

17. Perpetum Magazine

The featured posts section of this template reminds me of selecting a book from a shelf! Originally designed by SimpleWPThemes and "bloggerized" by Custom Blogger Templates.

Demo | Download

18. Template Clean 2011

A clean minimalist theme by Templates Novo Blogger

Demo | Download

19. Ebusinesscard

This single page business card design is unusual but highly useful! An original design by Bloggermint.

Demo | Download

20. Shopping Cart Blogger Template

Making use of SimpleCart integration, here is another Blogger template which may be used for ecommerce. Designed by Bloggermint, and including a handy post template, this design is well worth checking out.

Demo | Download

21.  Coming Soon

Not ready to launch your site yet? Use this simple theme as a "coming soon" page where visitors can see your site's progress and sign up for email notifications of updates. Original HTML theme by Media Loot, converted for Blogger by Best Theme.

Demo | Download

22. Legit

This simple theme includes a beautiful animated header, and alternative location for your site logo in the sidebar. An original design by Dzignine.

Demo | Download 

23. BlueFolio Legacy

A striking blue-themed showcase template by Dzignine

Demo | Download 

24. Blogazine Book

Inspired by the design of Facebook, this free Blogger template utilizes a unique home-page style with links to the main "blog" and "about" sections. Designed by Urang Kurai.

Demo | Download 

25. Blogazine

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking this template is simple. But click on a post link from the home page and you'll see that this typographic based design is special! On item pages, the background colour can be configured separately for each post!

Demo | Download 

26. Quo

Minimal and monochrome, this template is designed by Ciudad and is perfect for typographic content.

Demo | Download

27. Nocturnas

A dark compelling theme by Ciudad.

Demo | Download  

28. Clean Vintage

Displayed with a gorgeous colour theme, this is an original vintage style design by Ayuda Bloggers.

Demo | Download

29. Photo Gallery Woody

This template by AllBlogTools would make an excellent choice for those wishing to show off their work.

Demo | Download

30. Xanadu

A high-contrast template featuring a unique layout. Originally designed by Fab Themes and converted for Blogger by Best Themes.

Demo | Download

31. Compartdisimos

A playful template by Compartdisimo which includes custom presentation of popular items and post layouts.

Demo | Download

32. CleanRed

A simple portfolio template converted from the CSS design by CSS Heaven.

Demo | Download 

Which are your favourite templates?

Do you have a particular favourite from the showcase of free Blogger templates above? Have I missed out the work of a talented Blogger designer who you think deserves to be featured in a future post?

Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions about this showcase using the form below.

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