February 05, 2008

My new contact form

My previous contact form was causing some awful problems, so after looking around for a better alternative, I discovered Kontactr: a new free contact form service which is easily embedded into a Blogger post page. You can see my new contact form in action on my contact page.

I've just been testing my new contact form and it works like a dream! You can create line breaks now without worrying that your message will be sent prematurely, and the message will arrive to me as fast as if it were sent by regular mail.

Kontactr is free to use, and there are several customization options to choose from:

  • An HTML based form (which takes the visitor away from your blog when the form is submitted).
  • An Ajax based form, where visitors stay on the same page after the form is submitted (this is the option I chose)
  • A button or text link which creates a great looking overlay with the contact form on the same screen.

One thing I love about Kontactr is that you can reply to the person who sent the contact form without having to extract their email address from the message; it's as though the email was sent directly from their email account. Furthermore, there don't seem to be any restrictions of how many contact forms can be processed, nor any plans for a premium service.

So far, it seems this service is going to be of great use to me, and I would strongly recommend this if you're looking for a spam-free alternative to enabling your blog visitors to get in touch with you.

If you want to sign up and give Kontactr a try, you can create your free account and begin using this straight away. Please do let me know what you think about this service by leaving your comments below.

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