February 03, 2010

80+ Hand-Picked Beautiful and Original Blogger Designs

Customizing our Blogger blogs is now easier than ever. Aside from the hundreds of pre-made templates available for us to simply upload to our sites, there are innumerable tutorials helping us design more beautiful and interesting sites. Yet some Blogger users look beyond these simpler design features to construct stunning original Blogger designs.

Over at We Love Blogger, you can find a daily showcase of inspiring Blogger-based designs. Here are the cream of the crop: more than 80 Blogger-powered blogs of unusual design or outstanding quality, provided as a feast of inspiration for your own projects.

Simply Stunning...

Blog Amuki



106 Piccadilly

Blogger Skinz

Mike Mnery

Cebong Ipiet's Personal Blog


Algo Habrán Dicho


Ultra Awesome


Dante Araujo

Packaging of the World


Recently redesigned, Harun's site is an excellent example of a clean and ultra-modern Blogger-based design.

Fan the Fire


Design for Life

Quinto Elemento

Pale/Minimal Designs

One Design


Running From Camera

Lost Garden



Design Crush

Hit.Art Design

A Cupcake Blog

Design is Mine

Bruno Paiva

último layout

Blogger Display Bil e Bia


Inspiration Seeker


While sadly Antonio Lupetti no longer uses Blogger as his publishing platform, Woork is still online and is a wonderful example of how Blogger may be utilized for professional, functional designs. (You may like to check out the new WoorkUp site to see the updated version of this infamous site).

Dark Designs


Another stunning design by Amuki.



This is a Blogger design I created for my son, which is loosely based on the DVD menu screen for Quantum of Solace. Custom fonts are used in the sidebar and top--menu (provided by Kernest.com), while almost all areas have a mouseover effect.

Web Design Info Resource Center

PA Blog

Suresh Studio

Compartmos Ideas



Rames Studios

Cheth Studios

This beautiful design is adapted from the Woothemes Irresistable template, complete with consistent styling to match the branding of the site.

Benjamin Hennessey

A stunning header banner  transforms this Minima-based template into a beautiful design.

Colourful Templates

Adam and Phoebe's Aquatic Adventures

I've added two screenshots of this brightly coloured template for you to see the amazing design added to the footer section.

Trestin Meachem


Backlights Decarotivis

Esperanto A Go-Go

Chantel's Fave Things

Green Corner Cookies

Extra Icing on the Cake

Monday Art Day

Crafty This and That

Phrock Blog

Forgotten Bookmarks

The Roozu

Visions of the Future

Widgets for Free

Praise for Wallflower

BAP Interrupted

The Hermitage


Multiversity Comics

Photoblogs/Single Column/Unusual Layouts



Mike Matas Blog

Flickr Scotland

João Alvarenga
Inspired by Tim Van Damme's single page folio, this design really stands out from the crowds! Твиттер ковёр


Another of my own designs, this site is my portfolio and professional blog design outlet. Based on the Nexus5 layout, it is a single column theme with different styling for each page of the site.

Last clicks...


Ahmad Hania Blog

On Pause

Because I Said So

Deluxe Templates


David A. Stafford


My personal site, and truly an experiment in the possibilities of Blogger-design! As I begin to upload new posts, you'll notice each post will be presented in a completely different style (background, layout, fonts... everything!). It is difficult to maintain, but as I try out new things I'll be sure to post about them here!

Opus Independents

This last example is truly my favorite! The design is flash-based (and so not hosted by Blogger's servers) yet the core content (news, NowThen and Wordlife sections) are generated through the Opus Independent network of Blogger-powered sites. Site programming by Switchcode.

More please!

I love to showcase beautiful and original Blogger powered designs in posts such as this and also on the dedicated Blogger showcase site, We Love Blogger. If you've designed a gorgeous, original Blogger design (or have discovered an awesome website powered by Blogger) then please let me know by submitting your site to the directory.

Your thoughts?

Which of these designs do you like the best? Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions below.

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