August 05, 2008

Numbering Comments in Blogger

A great many readers have asked if it is possible to number blog comments in Blogger. Although I had tried many different methods, I had been unable to realize a successful and reliable method.

Luckily, Fernandooo1 has come to our rescue! In his explanatory post over at Randomness, he explains how to use a simple combination of JavaScript and CSS styling to produce this effect in Blogger templates.

Fernandooo1 uses this technique in the design for Randomness which appears like this:

The tutorial for numbering comments in Blogger includes the full code and technique required for customizing your Blogger template. You'll be happy to know that no external files are required: it's all achieved by some simple edits to the HTML code. If you would like to add this functionality to your own Blogger template, please take a look at Fernandoo01's well-written tutorial.

For Fernandooo1: thank you for posting your original tutorial and this subsequent translation in English :)

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