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June 17, 2007 /

After blogging for a while at a Blogspot.com address, you may decide it's time to upgrade to a custom domain (eg: yourblog.com). This is the least expensive method I've found of hosting your blog at a custom domain since Blogspot will still host your blog for free! All you need to do is pay a few pounds for your domain name, be it a dot.com, dot.co.uk, dot.info or whatever you choose!

The process is probably much simpler than you think! You don't need to worry too much about finding a host provider that is compatible with Blogger: any domain provider which allows you to alter the DNS records for your domain is compatible! Just make sure that you don't have to pay extra for this service (these days, most domain providers don't, but there is still the odd one around...).

Here's how to set up your Blogger custom domain:

  1. Decide on your domain name, and register it with a domain name provider. There are literally hundreds of sites you can use (just do a Google search for "domain name providers"). My provider of choice is GoDaddy.com, since this site offers very low cost domains with free hosting, free email accounts and other features too. I'll explain shortly why having free hosting is very beneficial.

  2. Once you've registered your new domain name, you'll need to change the DNS settings. DNS stands for Domain Name System: a DNS server determines what site a given address takes you to. You need to tell the DNS servers that visitors to your custom domain should be directed to your Blogspot blog, which is what we're doing here. You need to access the control panel for the DNS settings associated with your domain. Take a look at the CNAME records here. Is there a name/sub domain called WWW? If there is, you'll need to edit this; if not, you'll need to add a new CNAME record. In either case, you should enter the correct information as I'll explain next.

  3. For the name/sub domain (this depends on what your provider calls it!), enter "www" and save (or click continue).

  4. For your target host/destination/record (again, this is provider dependent) you need to enter "ghs.google.com". Save and continue. This is all you need to do with your domain provider!

  5. It may take a few days for the DNS settings to come into effect, so it might be worth waiting a day or two before completing the next step, which is to associate your Blogspot account with your new domain.

  6. Now, you should log into your Blogger account. In the "settings" area, click on the "publishing" tab near the top of the page and choose to set up your custom domain. In the text box, enter your new domain name (eg: www.example.com). Now when you preview your blog, you should see your custom domain in the address bar instead of your blogspot one!

Your old Blogspot address will automatically forward to your new domain, so you don't have to worry about losing any traffic. Also, since Blogger still hosts your domain, you'll have no worries about hosting or bandwidth.

However, there are a few points you should take note of when publishing to your custom domain.

Most important is this: you can only post to http://yourdomain.com or http://www,yourdomain.com. NOT BOTH! So before you enter your domain name in the Blogger settings be sure which of these you prefer to use.

My advice would be this: try to use a domain provider which offers some free hosting with your domain (this is why I'd recommend GoDaddy) and set your blog to be hosted at www.yourdomain.com. Then upload a simple redirect page as your index to your hosting account, which will redirect any visitors to www.yourdomain.com instead.

I don't consider this to be much of a problem. In fact it can be an advantage: having only the http:// or http://www in your blog address is that your Technorati ranking will be improved, since there will not be two entries for your blog (one at each sub domain, a problem I used to have with a hosted Wordpress blog). By redirecting your readers, they will always know where to find you, and you won't lose any traffic.

For a complete tutorial on registering your Blogger custom domain with GoDaddy, take a look at this post on the Glamumous blog. For detailed walkthroughs to register with other domain providers, this article on the Blogger help site can prove rather useful.

As always, I appreciate your comments! Also, if you have posted a walkthrough for other providers, please leave a link below to help others do this too.

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  1. excellent tip about forwarding to either http:// or http://www ... i was trying to figure out how i was going to do that!

  2. I had no problems with getting the custom domain working even though it took a couple of hours until the DNS-servers were updated. Nothing unusual there though!

    However, I just recently noticed that there is some issue with the images embedded with my earlier posts (and perhaps new ones?) as they are not showing. Any tips on fixing this would be much appreciated!

    My blog is here and here (blogspot.com-address).

  3. @ Thomas Tvivlaren: I've had a look at your blog but can't tell where the missing images should be (I can see no blank spaces in your posts). If you can send me some URLS of post-pages/archives where images are missing, I can take a look at the source code and can offer better advice.

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks Amanda! Here is a direct link to one of my more recent posts. I have a right-floating image embedded which simply will not show...and neither will the main banner of the blog nor the profile image which leads me to suspect there is something more than the usual malformed HTML going on here.

    Anyway, would you find anything suspicious please let me know!

    Cheers from Sweden!

  5. Hello Thomas,

    This is quite odd: I've viewed your site in both IE and Firefox and can see no missing images. Which browser do you use?

    As far as I can tell, there should be no errors in the image URLS or in the code of your template. To check browser compatibility, I've submitted your URL to Browsershots (a free service) to see if other browsers feature image errors on your blog. It may take a couple of hours to get some results, but you can check the progress using that link.

    This may be a problem with your browser. You could try refreshing your cache and deleting temporary internet files then view your blog again to see if it makes a difference. You may also want to try adding a "?" to the end of your blog address, as this forces your browser to fetch a new refreshed version of the page you're trying to view.

    If you're still having problems, feel free to email me and I'll see what else I can do to help.

  6. Sorry for not giving feedback on the issue I reported until now.

    It seems there were some problem with how Blogger (Google) stored/linked images. Somehow it seems Blogger dealt with the problem "under the surface" and that explains why it all of a sudden did not work when i transfered to my own domain and their fix stopped working.

    My solution was to switch to a different image host and edit the previous posts for correct linking. Tedious and tiresome but in the light of the added benefit from the new host it was well worth it...

  7. Hi Amanda,
    Congratulations on the excellent site, I think I shall be back often !
    My blog domain name (netmonetization.com) is hosted with godaddy but when I try to tell Google to use just one domain name it says I must 'verify' the netmonetization.com but it never works (the www domain name works fine) but both work fine when you type them into the address bar i.e. they take you to my blog. Have you any idea why this might be?
    Do I still need to do the 'redirect' that you mention ? I hope this is clear. Any info. would be much appreciated as I am not totally sure if I'm losing page rank by my domain name being split in two. Many thanks. The Old Vic

  8. @Thomas Tvivlaren: Sorry to hear you were so inconvenienced by the change in domain! I'm glad you have everything working well now though.

    @The Old Vic: Did you change the "A Name" records in your GoDaddy account, or just the WWW ones? In one way it's a good thing that you can access your blog using only http and also www, as this enables readers to easily get to your blog.

    BUT-from what I've discovered while reading up on this subject, it will affect your page rank!

    This site is very informative about the issue:

    With a previous Wordpress hosted blog, I noticed that my technorati rankings were dramatically different depending on wether I typed the http or www address (surprisingly the pageranks were the same).

    It may well be better for your page rank to redirectr readers from the http to the www domain in order to maintain a good pagerank.

    One thing I am unsure of is that you need to register the http domain with Google-do you mean by using the webmaster tools, or a different service?

    I hope this is if help to you, though please feel free to email me if you need further advice.

  9. I like your comments about the custom domain name, but something is not working correctly for me.

    I tried this and my custom domain
    www.doncohp.com brings up: www.google.com

    my blogspot domain is: doncohp.blogspot.com

    thanks for any feedback


  10. Hello Donato,

    It seems you may have made some error in your DNS settings (provided by your domain provider). Have you set up redirection, instead of editing your CNAME?

    What you need to do is edit the CNAME for WWW which is provided in your DNS settings page in your domain's control panel. If you let me know which domain provider you are using, I may be able to give you more detailed help with this.

  11. Amanda,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am using Godaddy.com

    They insist the problem is not on their end.


  12. Amanda,

    Here is the info at my CNAME page:

    CNAMES (Aliases)
    Host Points To www doncohp.blogspot.com
    1/2 Hour

    I hope this helps.



  13. Hello again Donato,

    I think I see your problem now. You need to set the www record (usually the first one beneath the CNAMES (Aliases) title) to point to ghs.google.com instead of your blogspot domain url.

    It's also advisable to delete/revert to default the record which you've set to point to www.doncohp.blogspot.com.

    Once you've edited the www record, you'll then need to log int o your Blogger dashboard. Go to Settings>Publishing and choose to publish to a custom domain. Enter your custom domain url (including the www prefix) like this: www.yourblog.com.

    It may take a day or two for the DNS settings to propagate over the internet, after which time your blog will be found at your custom domain.

    You may also want to take a look at this post which explains in detail how to set up your domain with GoDaddy:


    Hope this helps!


  14. I sent you another question, so check your email please =).

  15. Hello Alex,

    I sent you a rather long email about this, which I hope will answer all your questions.

    Let me know if you need any more help with this :)

  16. The best tutorial I've found setting up custom domains is here.

  17. Thank you for all the work you put into this site. What a great tutorial. I have had a lot of issues in this area. The domain name and hosting site I use is freewebs. I have not been able to redirect the custom domain. I even tried forwarding and masking through them and that didn't work either. Do you have any suggestions?

  18. blogger updated so that no www will redirect to www. with a handy check box and everything. :)

  19. Great Tutorial amanda..That was well said.. :)
    i don't think there is a need to use free hosting to redirect http:// to http://www. I just used a redirect feature in godaddy causing the domain to redirect to http://bloggerplugins.org and it worked fine for me though it took some time for the changes to take effect and it is still working for me..

  20. Hi Amanda, you have such an amazing Blog here I thought you work for Blogger ! i just disvovered your wonderful site and now reads it regularly .

    I recently purchased a new domain name from Blogger which automatically redirected my visitors to without any problems at all. Then later I pressed the button to test the "host under Blogger" again and now I couldn't get back to my domain name again ! Is there another button I can press ( or other ways )i should do to revert back to my new domain name again ? Thanks for your help and keep up your amazing Blogger tips !


    toni ( tonixe@gmail.com )

  21. I'm moving from a web site to the blog I've created and hosted on Blogspot. I've setup my blog using the custom domain options on Blogger and weird things happen.

    For example, when I type in the address to my blogspot hosted blog, I get redirected to my web site.

    I setup another blog using the custom domain options and the redirection from the non 'www' address to the 'www' address didn't work for almost a week.

    It's like the settings are being setup by a human and this poor person is being overwhelmed, hence the delays.

    Love this site by the way, very nice layout.

  22. Hi Amanda, you've inspired me to switch to a top domain for my blogspot blog. I originally was a hold out just to be "controversial" ;)


    but what always throws me off is when there is supposedly a "set of instructions" but then, in the comments, there's mention of tutorials for X and tutorials for Y and Z and "good information found at this site", etc.

    When the extra stuff gets mentioned after the fact, it confuses me a little as to the most simple list of exactly what I need.

    Shortly, I'll be wanting the http://www beginning for my site but am still not sure how to get to the non-www index to post a redirect. Is it exactly the same no matter which one you want to use?

    Thanks and I'd like to discuss a new blogger design with you, too.


  23. Hello Amanda, I would like to tell you how I appreciated all of yours tutorials and great posts.

    By the way I had a little problem with a custom domain for my urban blog, http://perugiacity.blogspot.com. 2 days ago I bought a domain (www.perugia-city.com) via GoDaddy, so I set up the CNAME www to ghs.google.com, and then I made a mistake: I didnt wait a couple of days, as you suggested in the post, before going into step 6, wich resulted in a timeout error page.

    Now, when I try to associate my blog to the costum domain, I'm getting another error: blogger tells me that the address www.perugia-city.com is already assigned to another blog... I'm pinging the www.perugia-city.comFurthermore, I didnt find a way to contact by email the Blogger Team, and i would ask you if there's any way to connect with them without joining their Google Group...

    Thank you for your assistance, Amanda, and congratulations for this amazing blog!

  24. I think you are explaining for godaddy.com.Do you know how to use active-domain.com domain name in blogger?

  25. Hi Amanda ,

    Here you discussed the distribution of pagerank to domain. I think there is no issue with

    http://domainame.com or http://www.omainame.com

    but when you use http://www.omainame.com or http://www.omainame.com/index.html then pagerank distribution matter. Well good discussion in post and comments.

    I have same issue like others of with and withouth www in domain. Is there any solid and easy solution to solve, it.

    Any suggestion will be appreciable


  26. thanks you so much, because of your tutorial, i could solve my domain problem :). go on please.

  27. I had a problem, can someone pls help mi out!
    I just brought a domain with godaddy.com, but even if i followed all the instruction to add the cname on my domain, i tried to ping it but the ping is not coming from ghs.google.com and i try to put it in blogger but my blog cant show up. Why is it so? Please help mi

  28. You do not need to set up a redirect page for your "example.com" webpage to your "www.example.com" webpage in Godaddy. Go to the DNS server settings and simply change the @ CNAME ip address to your blogspot ip address. You can find your blogspot address by pinging "your.blogspot.com" web domain.

    When you finish wait at least a few hours and then try "example.com" it should go directly to "www.example.com" without going to the redirect.

    You can email me at kurf@thewireup.com if you are having more problems.

  29. Hi dear very nice post,which I was searching for.Anyway I have some serious question about custom domain.1) Will blogger help me to set my new domain completely? As I dont know anything about settings,I have wasted my $10 previously when I bought a domain from some other company.
    2)Are the payment should be made through google checkout?
    3) Any task will be still remain for me to do after upgrading domian?
    4) Will I loose my page rank,alexa rank etc for this domain upgrading?
    5)Will I still be able to install custom template except from blogger? Are there be any problem with installing widget or html job?
    Please reply me.This will help me to make decision about upgrading domain.Please knock me through entrecard by this link http://entrecard.com/details/54831 or by mail or by my blog.Atleast knock me about your reply,so I can remember to check back you.Thanks.

  30. Hi thanks for the info,I will try to redirect my blog to coustomdomai.If stucked any where,I will ask your clarifications.


  31. Hi nice blog. See i have got this problem with domain mapping of a godaddy domain with a blogger blog. I have changed the DNS and Control settings all that you have mentioned and i m done with the godaddy domain. Now i have created my blogger account and have assigned the custom domain to my blog. I chose

    "Hosting NameServers(host my domain here)"

    this option while assigning nameservers. I don't know whats happening but i receive one
    of godaddy's page saying that


    I have waited for around 2 days. Is there any serious problem for why i am not able to see my blog? If you would help me with this, the aim of your post in this blog is said to be accomplished!!!;)Pls guide through this..

  32. Hi Amanda,

    I'm Pushhyarag publishing evolveever blog. I'm already fond follower of your blog for sometime now.

    Thanks for helping me to switch to custom domain, which I did with GoDaady on Blogger. I'm extremely excited at the ease with which the switch happened; I didn't have to do anything with either DNS settings or Redirect page loading etc. Which also makes me nervous-should some issue not prop!

    I've linked to another related post of yours on my site www.evolveever.com immediately after going on custom domain. Can do a quick check to see if all is ok?

    Just a teaser that bugs me: without uploading a redirect page or checking the option of redirect on settings page, is it working fine?! When I attempt to save the checked 'redirect automatically' from my blog, I see a message "another blog is associated with this domain" What does that mean?

    Thanks a ton & keep going. My Vote for you always!

  33. Hi, Pushhyarag again.

    The precise point I wanted conveying in the last paragraph of first part of comment is: Checking 'Redirect evolveever.com to www.evolveever.com' & saving displays error "Another blog is already hosted at this address.". What does that mean? And, should I still go ahead with the 'Create Redirect Page' instruction? I've created index.html doc but not uploaded; feeling a bit unsure if I understand & implement it.

  34. Hi Amanda,

    Can you have multiple blogs under different sub-domains.

    For example, I have:

    point to my main site.

    I also have:

    point to a placeholder blog to ask people which blog they want to go to.

    But, when I try to set up:

    to point to:

    it's not working.

    Is what I'm trying to do even possible? (BTW, I'm using 1and1, not GoDaddy.)


  35. I installed my custom domain through google, but I am now having a problem with installing templates. Some templates work on the custom domain, but others don't. The template I'm working on for my blog is on a test blog (called test) and works just fine because it has a blogspot address. As soon as I try it on my custom blog it doesn't work! I tried using different browsers but that doesn't work, I always get a bx error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  36. why only use mydomain.com or www.mydomain.com not both??? please tell me why Amanda..

  37. Amanda,

    Great site and great post. I really like that you take the time to reply to your visitors. A+ :)

    Your advice is good but I was a little confused about your suggestion to create a page on GoDaddy to do a redirect.

    With GoDaddy, you can set up a redirect in the DNS settings. You should be able to find it in the help section or by searching the web.

    Another good idea is to set up a preffered domain in webmaster tools. That way search results will be consistent.

  38. Hi Amanda,

    I have noticed above that another user had the problem with images no longer displaying after having transferred to a custom domain.

    I have long stayed away from my custom domain for this reason, and have simply forwarded it to the blogger address. However, I have finally decided that this was no longer desirable.

    At this stage, I can either transfer my images to another host. Though I would prefer to use google's servers ^_^.

    So, my question is whether you know of any fixes for this issue? This has been around for a loooong time, and I would think there would be some way around this.

    My blog is at www.mentisworks.org, and the images not showing up seem to only be the ones in the template (i.e. banner, etc.).



  39. http://looblog.info
    and http://www.looblog.info
    Just brought me to different blogs of mine, I don't know how to fix it. So I just delete one of my blog, now still the problem.

    Anyone experienced this?

  40. Yes, actually I have had this issue before. It's a little confusing, but this is how Godaddy says to resolve it...


    In order to get the site http://yourdomain.com to forward to http://www.yourdomain.com you will need to set up forwarding for the domain name.

    To setup or modify domain forwarding:

    First, you will need to login to your account.

    1. From My Products, click Domains.
    2. Check the box next to the domain(s) you wish to modify.
    3. Click the Forward Domains button above your list of domains.
    4. Select the Enabled option.
    5. Enter the full URL that you would like your domain to forward to. (For example: http://www.anotherdomain.com)
    6. Select the redirect type you would like for the domain forwarding.
    7. Click OK.

    Changes to the settings of a domain can take an average of 48 hours due to the number of networks involved. These networks are controlled by many different entities and are updated independently.

    Domains that are forwarding should be pointing to an IP Address of:

    You will need to modify the IP Address that your domain is pointing to. I have provided the instructions below.

    To change the IP address for your domain:

    1. Select Manage Domains from the My Products menu.
    2. Click on the domain for which you wish to change the IP.
    3. Click Total DNS Control and MX Records.
    4. Under the A (Host) section, click the pencil icon for the first entry.
    5. Enter the new IP address into the Points To Ip Address: field.
    6. Click OK.

    Please allow up to 24 hours for this information to update with the Internet routing and DNS servers.

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

    Jennifer R.
    Online Support Representative

  41. Hi, Sir
    Online Support Representative
    My name is Kyaw. I cannot open my new domain. I purchased a new domain on may but It is still . I want to use . I sign in on DNS setting . What I will carry on? Can you tell me please to active my new domain? Can I add host name and Ip address? How can I know Ip address?

  42. Hi , Sir
    Online Support Representative
    My new domain is not working. I purched on May. It is so long. I sing in on DNS setting . Shall I chang host name and Ip address? How can I know my Ip address? Can you tell me step by step to active my new domain. I changed from blogspot to dot com.


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  45. Nice information, really.

    As your experience to set the domain, can i change the CNAME and its first domain to be "blog" instead of "www"?


  46. thanks for the post

    But i need help. its 2 days that i bought my domain name from blogger under GoDaddy.com, but now see still my www.hqhollywoodmovie.blogspot.com did not change to www.hqhollywoodmovie.com. why? what should i do exactly, i researched about it, but i didnt find an answer to it.

    please some one guide me.

    this is my email hqhollywoodmovie@gmail.com

  47. Hi AMANDA PLZ HELP ME I REGISTERED AT WWW.BIGROCK.IN MY DOMAIN NAME IS WWW.GEEKSWORLD.IN AND MY BLOGSPOT ONE IS http://techandfreebie.blogspot.com/ i setted all dns management cname and A records as well plz help me request

  48. very helpful... now i also found how to setup without www , visit my blog to know how to setup blogger blog without www. Non-www or nacked domain version site with blogger or google sites

  49. I hosted my site in blogger with a custom domain but with my friend's computer IP address,
    i can't get into my site. but with proof IP i would able to see my site, i thought the problem with browser(I checked with Google Analytics) but almost all browser visitors came to my site.
    I don't know what is the problem. Is the problem with my Server or Browser?

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  52. setting custom domain isnt an easy task,if this article would not helped me out then i would have not completed my customization. thanx

  53. I also buy new domain name this week using blogger. So after we buy new domain name we have to again create new Google Webmaster and Analytics profiles and remove old free domain profiles?

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  56. I have one question: I have a website that I host w/ ipage but I would like to use blogger as a content management system for My blog posts so I can update content quickly since I run a blog that covers the music industry.

    For example let's say My site is icovermusic.com...

    I want to create a subdomain for it that looks like: blog.icovermusic.com. I've already purchased the subdomain via GoDaddy but, I would like to know if when I redirect the domain name (blog.icovermusic.com) to blogger will blog.icovermusic.com show up in the address bar on the landing/home page or will it be blog.icovermusic.blogspot.com (which is what I DON'T want).

    Thank you in advance for your help

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  60. how long does it take to show 404. That’s an error.

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