June 23, 2007

Do you "Ping"? If you don't, you probably should...

In blog terms, a "ping" notifies servers that keep track of weblogs that you have recently updated your blog. There are many such services available, most notably Weblogs and Technorati. Your blogging platform may already ping one or two of these services automatically each time you post, but to ping a number of services each time would be time consuming and could slow down your publishing. Here are a few services which accept pings from weblogs:

And there are many more besides!

Pinging weblog servers is a good idea as it ensures fresh content from your blog is always available to them; this in turn can help generate more traffic to your blog. An easy way to ping several servers at once is to use a pinging service, such as Pingoat or Ping-o-Matic. You simply input the name, URL and RSS feed (optional) of your blog and these free services do all the hard work for you! You can even bookmark the page for an automatic ping each time you load it.

Much easier than visiting a dozen websites each time you update, or waiting for ages for your blog to publish and ping!

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