June 16, 2007

How to include Technorati tags at the bottom of every post

A quick and easy way to include Technorati tags at the end of each post is to use Oddiophile's Rather Fab Technorati Bookmarklet. This bookmarklet is kept in your "Favorites" or internet bookmarkets and brings up a script box into which you can add your tags and generate the code which you'd then paste into your blog post.

To get the bookmarklet, visit this page and right click the link which says "Oddiophile's rather fab Technorati Bookmarklet". Then click "add to favorites" or simply drag to your bookmark list.

When using the bookmarklet, don't leave spaces between the words in phrases: instead you should link them with a "+" sign. You can also modify the bookmarklet to suit your blog's needs, as is demonstrated on Lorelle's blog. This is a great tool for both Blogger and Wordpress users who have no alternative method to tag their posts. It's also rather useful for helping build traffic using Technorati, as your blog will then be associated with the tags you have used, and will become easier for readers to find.

I use Technorati tags on each post, so if you'd like to find out how they work, just click on one: you'll find other posts which have been tagged with the same label, both from my blog and the thousands of others in the bloggosphere!

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