June 24, 2007

Blog directories: a quick guide to listing your blog

Listing your blog in blog directories is a great way to help build more traffic and increase your blog's visibility. Think of them as being similar to phone books: when you need a number for a plumber, you may well look in the telephone listings. The same is true of blogs: get your site listed, and your blog will be found!

Most blog directories are offer free submissions. You may need to register with a username and password to submit your blog (a precaution against spammers and splogs), or include a backlink in your blog (you can see some examples in my right-hand sidebar).

But before you go listing your blog in the dozens of directories available, here's a few things you'll want to consider:

Have all details for your blog ready, perhaps in a text editor, as you'll need to enter them over and over again:

  • Your blogs name
  • Your URL
  • A description of your blog which sets it apart from others in the same category. Many blogs require a description of under 300 words, some under 150.
  • Your RSS/Atom feed URL
  • Your contact email address
  • A preferred username and password

Consider an appropriate category/categories for your blog: most directories list blogs by category, and since there is no definitive category list, this varies between sites. Try to list your blog in the category which most adequately describes your content: there's really no point in listing your sports blog in a business category, as no-one will be able to find your site!

Read the submission guidelines for each directory! Many directories have submission guidelines, which could include how old the blog is, the types of blogs accepted, and whether a backlink is required. Failure to adhere to these guidelines will probably result in your blog's deletion from the directory (or even a nasty email from the editors!)

I've created a list of 25 top blog directories to which you could submit your blog's URL. For even more listings, take a look over at Liz Strauss' blog where she's posted the ultimate directory handbook.

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