June 19, 2007

What are "widgets" and how do I use them?

Widgets are a great, easy way to add functionality to your blog (or indeed any web-page that you own)!

Most blogging platforms already have a variety of widgets installed and available for you to use if you choose so. These may range from a widget to display your profile section in the sidebar, to links of your most popular posts.

If your blogging platform (eg: Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad) already has widgets installed, you can usually drag and drop them wherever you want in the layout of your blog, and customise them to suit your every requirement. There are also numerous sites available where you can get extra widgets, such as clocks, RSS Headlines, recent comments and much more besides. Many of these websites will also be able to insert the widget in your blog layout automatically, so you don't even have to worry about inserting your own HTML/Javascript code!

Here are a few popular sites for blog widgets:

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