June 24, 2007

Top 25 Blog Directories

Here's my list of the top 25 blog directories (in no particular order!) to which you can submit your blog's URL for free. I've included a little info for each in regard to submission rules and registration to help you decide which directories are most suitable for you.

  1. Technorati Your blog may already be listed, but do register to "claim" your blog, add tags and more. Hugely popular!
  2. Yahoo Directories: Weblogs Different directories to choose from. Premium (faster) inclusion available. No registration, except to submit your name and email address.
  3. DMOZ.org Weblogs Submit your blog for consideration into this hugely popular directory. No registration, just email address.
  4. BlogCatalog Registration required; more than one blog can be submitted for each user.
  5. BlogFlux Registration required; features some great blogging tools and resources!
  6. Top100Bloggers Registration and backlink required; ranking displayed on blog.
  7. iblogbusiness.com Must be a business blog with at least 3 months of posts.
  8. Diarest.net For personal diaries, journals and weblogs. Sorted by country of origin.
  9. TopBlogSites Registration and backlink required.
  10. Blogroll.net Registration required. Ranking available.
  11. QuickBlogDirectory Relatively new site. No registration, but reciprocal link required.
  12. Blogoozle Free and paid listings available. Must be at least 3 months old with postings within the last 5 days.
  13. BlogDigger No registration required; submit your RSS/Atom feed for inclusion.
  14. Blogarama Account required; includes blogging articles
  15. BlogRankings Registration required.
  16. BlogToplist Registration and backlink required; ranking can be displayed on your blog.
  17. WeBlogAlot No registration required; ping with your RSS feed to be included in directory. Backlink is appreciated.
  18. BritBlog Free directory for UK bloggers. Registration required.
  19. TopBlogArea Registration required. Many different directories and ranking available.
  20. Blogamama Directory for Mommy Bloggers! No registration; email and backlink required.
  21. InternetPublicLibrary Free submission for informative blogs
  22. 9Rules Not exactly a blog directory, but by creating an account your blog's RSS feed can be aggregated.
  23. BlogsRating.com Add your URL for others to rate your blog. Registration is required.
  24. SportsBlogs A directory for sporting blogs
  25. Blogher Hugely popular directory and resource for women bloggers. Registration required and blog must be over 3 months old.

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