July 22, 2007

Help! My new blog template/add-on/hack stopped working!

If you find that your third party template/images/script suddenly stops working on your blog, it may well be that the owner/author's hosting service has exceeded the allotted bandwidth, or perhaps that they have simply removed the file altogether!
Recently, Hackosphere suffered from bandwidth suspension after his host received far more traffic than was expected. Unfortunately for users of his scripts, this made their hacks and templates stop working!
In order to avoid this, it's always a good idea to download all images/CSS files/Scripts you use from third parties and upload them to your own hosting provider, then alter the link in your template to reflect the change.
While I try to ensure all template and image files used in my Blogger templates are hosted on a server which can accept a great amount of traffic, I do still appreciate it when users upload template images to their own image hosts.
Free image hosting is provided by
...amongst other free providers. Other files may be hosted for free at Google Pages.

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