July 17, 2007

Create classic Blogger templates with ease!

For those of you still using classic Blogger templates, either because you publish by FTP or simply prefer the classic format, I've come across a wonderful tool: Psycho's template generator.

This template generator is a really simple and useful method of creating classic Blogger templates. You can completely customise colour schemes, choose from one, two or three columns, edit the header section and above all, ensure your new template is WC3 valid. Meta tags generated will also help your blog rank higher in search engines.

You will be able to see changes to your scheme as you change them, and are presented with the full HTML code to copy and paste into your template. I only wish I could find something so useful to generate templates for us "Blogger Layouts" lovers!

To generate your own Classic Blogger templates with PsycHo's free online tool, follow the link below:

PsycHo: Free Template Generator

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