April 10, 2008

In Progress: A Popular Posts Widget for Blogger!

I've almost finished working on a widget which I'd hoped for months to develop: a "popular posts" widget for Blogger blogs! At present, I have a version which will display the most popular posts here on Blogger Buster. With a little more development, I hope to have a better version available (with a widget installer) which any Blogger user could install in their blog.

How will it work?

The "popular posts" in this widget will be formed from the posts which have attracted the most comments. This information will be pulled from your blog's comment feed, and the output would consist of the post title, linked to the post page with the comment count in brackets beside it:

While I would have preferred a solution which takes page views into account, this was simply not an option for me as it would involve developing a tracking script and relevant RSS feed for each blog.

Time permitting (as I have been rather busy these past few days!), I hope to have this "Popular Posts" widget ready over the weekend, so be sure to check back soon if this would be something you're interested to use in your blog!

Please let me know what you think about this idea by leaving your comments below.

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