March 13, 2008

Blogger Template Design Series Update

It's been a while since I added posts to the Blogger Template Design series, but from this week onwards I will be posting more regularly in this category.

In previous posts from this series, I have explained some possibilities for blog layouts, and also for customizing the header section.

Next we will be moving on to style the main posts area of the template:

  • Adding a simple background color and border
  • How to make your posts appear printed on paper (the simpler method)
  • Creating rounded corners for the main posts area
  • A complete wrapper for the posts section (the tricky method)

Later in the series, I'll explain methods of customizing blog titles, adding links beneath the titles and other customizations which can be applied to blog posts.

Between these posts, I will of course write other articles about Blogger and various aspects of this redesign too.

If there is any particular tutorial you would like me to post, please leave your comments below or send me an email. Your comments and opinions are always welcome!

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