March 27, 2008

A Content Suggestion Engine (Which Works for Blogger!)

As I type this post, I am using a rather marvelous invention which appears to the right of my posting box. This is Zemanta: a content suggestion engine which finds relevent content to add to your posts as you type, including Flickr images, links to Wikipedia articles, tags and links which can help make your content "more vibrant" and appealing.

Zemanta is compatible with Wordpress, Typepad and (most importantly for us) Blogger. Through a Firefox entention, Zemanta adds an extra sidebar to your blog editing page and suggests relevant content which you can add to your post with a single click.

I'm still getting used to how this great plugin works and so far am rather impressed by its functionality. Images are suggested in a "Gallery" section which all appear to be from either Flickr's Creative Commons pool or Wikipedia content. Suggested articles appear to be from many different content sources and all have some relevance to the words I am writing in this post.

I'm sure many of you will find this a hugely useful tool to enhance your posts. Here is a video of Zemanta's integration with Blogger which pretty much sums up how this tool can work for you:

Zemanta Blogger integration from zemanta on Vimeo.

At present, it seems you can only use Zemanta as a Firefox extention, though I suspect more features will be added in the future.

You can download Zemanta from the download page and begin using this as soon as you log in to Blogger to begin writing a new post.

If you're already using Zemanta, please let me know what you think about this by leaving your comments below.

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