March 25, 2008

Help! My Feedburner Subscriber Count Dropped to Zero!

This morning, Feedburner seems to be suffering a major glitch in the system. All of my blog feeds have suddenly reduced to zero, and after reading the Feedburner forums, it seems that many others are also experiencing this same problem.

EDIT: Feedburner have just added this message to the Known Issues page:

25-MAR 2008: Seeing "0" for your subscriber count right now? Don't panic! One of our stats rollup processes got a bit behind so your subscriber totals may not be tallied yet; it should wrap up soon and your numbers should be back when it's complete.
It's good to know the Feedburner team are working out this issue. Hopefully anyone affected will see their stats return to normal soon enough!

Edit 2: I just logged in to my Feedburner dashboard and have found my stats are back to normal now (though my feed count widget doesn't seem to have caught up yet!). Has anyone else noticed the change?

I'm keeping an eye on Feedburner's known issues page and will update this post if I hear any news about the sudden subscriber drop.

In the meantime, if anyone else has any news about this, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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