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February 05, 2008 /

My previous contact form was causing some awful problems, so after looking around for a better alternative, I discovered Kontactr: a new free contact form service which is easily embedded into a Blogger post page. You can see my new contact form in action on my contact page.

I've just been testing my new contact form and it works like a dream! You can create line breaks now without worrying that your message will be sent prematurely, and the message will arrive to me as fast as if it were sent by regular mail.

Kontactr is free to use, and there are several customization options to choose from:

  • An HTML based form (which takes the visitor away from your blog when the form is submitted).
  • An Ajax based form, where visitors stay on the same page after the form is submitted (this is the option I chose)
  • A button or text link which creates a great looking overlay with the contact form on the same screen.

One thing I love about Kontactr is that you can reply to the person who sent the contact form without having to extract their email address from the message; it's as though the email was sent directly from their email account. Furthermore, there don't seem to be any restrictions of how many contact forms can be processed, nor any plans for a premium service.

So far, it seems this service is going to be of great use to me, and I would strongly recommend this if you're looking for a spam-free alternative to enabling your blog visitors to get in touch with you.

If you want to sign up and give Kontactr a try, you can create your free account and begin using this straight away. Please do let me know what you think about this service by leaving your comments below.

Author: Amanda Kennedy

Amanda is a professional blogger and web designer living in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

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  1. Hi Amanda. Have you tried Wufoo.com? It's honestly the best contact form I've tried. My next pick is JotForm.com, but I gave it up. :)

    1. Could you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post

  2. I contacted Kontactr because I wanted to know where I should place the "ajax" code in my blogger template on my http://www.duelingtampons.com site and the response I got back was:

    "Hello Matt,

    I'm not familiar with Blogger template.But, the AJAX code displays the at the place where you put the code. So, it is like, you can create a new page "Contact" and place the AJAX code in the Content of that page.


    Should I be suspicious that they don't know what blogger is?!


  3. cant' find on faq or terms how many forms we can create with one account (e-mail)

    do you know?

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I tried the Kontactr form, but you can't add javascript to a post. I have a link in my sidebar, but I would like it in a post page like yours. How did you change the code to make it work?

  5. For Matt: I wouldn't be too suspicious. Many companies aren't familiar with Blogger code and setup (even those which offer domains throught the custom domain service!)

    The best way to add the code to a post page would be to edit the post in HTML mode and simply paste your code into the page.

  6. For Dav7: I couldn't find this information either. As far as I can tell, the number of forms we can create is (currently) unlimited, but I haven't tried more than a few so far!

    For Kampoc: to add the code into a post page, you will need to edit the post in HTML mode, then paste your code into the page.

    The form will not display until the post is published though, so don't worry if nothing appears when you preview the page :)

    Best wishes,


  7. @Matt:
    Actually, we know about Blogger. But, as amanda pointed out, we do not know about its coding setup.

    The limit on the number of forms is obviously unlimited. Because, they are not so many forms.. they are so many instances of a single form...

    Look out guys, Kontactr 2.0 coming soon.. With lots of more features.


  8. For Shirhari: Thank you for stopping by to clarify these issues for us! I'm looking forward to seeing Kontactr 2.0 when it's released!

  9. The Kontactr form has stopped working! Even their site is down! :(

  10. Yesss!!! It is absolutely awful. I was using it in my site http://lacasaquebaila.com and unfortunately for some reason now Kontactr is not longer on line.

    what can we do???

    I searched for other contact forms websites but it is just not the same. What do you think Amanda???

    Should we wait for a bit or do you have any other site u can recommmend???

    I love ur work. Thankssss!!!

  11. Wufoo is simply amazing. I noticed yesterday that Kontactr went offline - I don't know since when I might be without a contact form and not knowing it :(

    Wufoo let's you customize your form to no end, and it looks wonderful. And it works with Blogger just fine.

  12. Bear with us guys... A few problems on the server side.. We are working on it and Kontactr will be back running within a day...

  13. now it's up again...

    But I have an issue here.. How can I make the contact-me page not displaying the comment form?

    It's ridiculous if there's a contact form and there's a comment form below.

  14. Pemburu, under "Post Options" just disable comments for the post.

    Thanks Amanda! Your tutorials in general have been incredibly helpful. It's a trick to add WordPress style pages via posts, but having a "Kontactr" form built into your site makes it look real slick.

    Thanks for taking the time to publish all of these great tutorials. You've increased my enjoyment of Blogger dramatically. My site wouldn't be the same without you!

    I decided a simple, clean layout is best, but have a look: http://bradleyf81.blogspot.com

  15. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for all your hardwork. Much appreciated. I have problems using both the HTML and Ajax script on my blogger site.

    1. If I use the HTML coding, there was a HUGE gap between the few lines of words I wrote at the beginning of the post, and the actual form.

    2. When I paste the Ajax script in the post, the google adsense ad came out in the place of the form.

    Please please help me :)


  16. seems like lightbox script is down again for the last few days messages on the static form are taking ages to get through

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  23. I do not like this new contact form.

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