May 06, 2008

Google Analytics Integration for Blogger is on the way!

Google Analytics for Blogger is currently in private beta! Over the next year, the Google team will be refining this interface until it's ready for public release in both Blogger and Google Analytics accounts.

Analytics for Blogger is the product of collaboration by several teams and marks the transition of Measure Map customers to a new Google Analytics interface which has been designed for Blogger users.

This development was announced by Jeff Veen at the South by Southwest conference held a few weeks ago:

Many of you may remember when Google acquired Measure Map, our analytics product for blogs. When we came to Google, our first job was to take the experience of providing clear, accessible reports, coupled with powerful tools for analysis, and apply it to Google's already robust Analytics product. The result of that collaboration launched last May, in the redesigned Google Analytics interface.

Since then the team has been hard at work fulfilling our original promise: to help bloggers understand the impact that their blogs are having on the world. To that end, we've rebuilt Measure Map as an integrated feature of both Google Analytics and Blogger. We hope you like what you see (via Google Analytics Blog)

Now I have to say that this development is something I have been hoping to see for some time! Such statistics present in the dashboard of our Blogger powered blogs would certainly save us time and effort visiting many different sources for information of blog development, backlinks and the like.

As soon as I hear news of any developments regarding this new interface, I will be sure to post it here!

In the meantime, I'm working on a post outlining the different methods currently available to Blogger users for statistical reporting of our blogs, so be sure to subscribe for news of future posts!

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