37 The Best and Worst Times to Publish your Posts
May 08, 2008 /

At one point or another I'm sure we've all wondered the same thing: "What is the best time to publish our posts?".

Jake Luciani has done some pretty hefty research to find the answer to this question. By analyzing over 10,000 entries from Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit and Mixx, he has discovered the optimum times of day, and days of the week to post for best results in social media and maximum comments.

According to Luciani's results:

  • The best time to post is Tuesday to Friday between 10am and 2pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • The worst time to post is on Saturday or Sunday between 3 and 5pm PST

These findings seem to correlate with the times US blog readers are most active online (around lunchtime and just after work on weekdays), so posting around these times should work well for bloggers whose readership is mostly based in this area of the world.

If your main readership is located in another part of the world, you may want to consider altering these times to suit your own audiences active times instead.

Here are charts displaying the full results of Luciani's research using GMT (Greenwich Mean Time):

Don't forget to account for the time-zone differences when working out the best "local" time for you to publish your blog posts!

For a detailed explanation of Luciani's findings, head over to ReadWriteWeb's article which analyzes the data and method used in great detail.

I hope this will be useful to you in deciding what is the best time to publish your blog posts. Please let me know what you think about Jake Luciani's research by leaving your comments and opinions below.

Author: Amanda Kennedy

Amanda is a professional blogger and web designer living in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

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  1. This is interesting information. As someone new to blogging, I'm going to try and stick to this schedule as best I can to maximize the number of my readers.

  2. That makes perfect sense. I tend to post earlier in the morning, as that's when I gets some free time, but notice my hits trickle in through the afternoon.

  3. Interesting info. Those definitely are the times I'm most active online.

  4. I've been wondering about this lately and trying to figure out some pattern, so this is really good info. Thanks for passing it on!

  5. So...is the red on the graphs the good times to post or the bad?

    By the way, I've been wondering about the post timing thing for a few weeks now. My guess was that posting after work, before dinner or after work, after dinner would be best.

  6. nice article, now thinking how to use this info...

    2 effay:
    horizontal line shows average frequency
    so reasonable to assume that red columns is a bad time, 'cause it is below average.

  7. This is a tricky one - I found that by posting some of my features in news aggregate sites I could get a massive spike, but it doesn't last long - maybe a week or so for really popular articles. Plus the bounce rate is high.

    I would hazard a guess that the best way to get regular, stable traffic is by networking with other bloggers (that you respect), getting lots of backlinks in bigger sites (and going up in search engine rankings), and maybe having your co-bloggers linking to each other's articles to leverage each other's traffic. But not in a cynical way mind you - I hate traffic exchanges.

  8. Now I have set the correct time in my feedburner account. Thanks for the post. I also visited aideRSS site. It's a good find. :-)

  9. I made that observation, too. maybe because it's lunch break and people surf a lot....

  10. I need you help! Check out my blog..your very best friend!

  11. I definetely got it all wrong then!
    I thought and I am dead sure I read somewhere that the best time to post was during the w/e.!
    Thanx Amanda really illuminating As usual

  12. Since my blog's target audience is very local, I think I'll take your suggestions with a grain of salt. I'll try to post them just before lunch my time (EST) in an effort to make sure those who I want to read my blog, are reading it.

    Thanks for the info!

  13. Now that I can schedule my posts I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks for the info!

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  16. I can understand why people don't go on the internet during saturday and sunday afternoon. Watching football or waiting for the work week, when actually stuff happens.

  17. gr8 post
    this is very helpful for me
    from where i ca get the best logo for my blog

  18. If i'm not wrong, PST is GMT-8 hour right?
    and the fact i live in GMT+7 and it i have to update my post at 3AM - 7AM
    i'm still sleeping that time...

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  20. Wow! What a great idea.I am definitely going to try this schedule. Thanks for the useful info! and it will help lot of people :)

  21. Informative Blog! I'm active online at that times. I will definetely take advantage of it.

  22. wow.
    Really really Informative blog for the beginners.
    I am agree with your all points. And can you please help me to find out some related articles about Jake Lucian.
    thanks, Bub bye.

  23. one more thing - I have 65 posts, though the AideRss -site claims I have only 41. And when I try to examine all my posts and their ranks, it only shows the ones I've made this month.

  24. Great analysis. Makes perfect sense. It is important to consider however, the readers location especially if they're in another country.

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