August 15, 2007

Custom "blog headlines" widgets in development...

I'm currently developing a "mini-site" where you will be able to generate "Blog Headlines" widgets for your blog, having complete control over the widget's appearance. Once your headlines widget is created, you would be presented with a short piece of Javascript code which you can copy and paste into your sidebar where you would like the widget to appear. Is anyone interested in using such a service?

I began considering this when searching for an alternative to the FeedBurner headlines box you see in the top of my left sidebar. Whilst I have discovered a usable alternative for myself, I couldn't create something which you readers can easily configure to use in your own blogs. So instead I'm developing a "mini-site" which uses PHP scripts to generate Javascript code that will feature headlines (and summaries) of any RSS (and possibly Atom) feed. You will also be able to alter the style, height, colors and fonts of the headlines boxes to suit the theme of your own blog.

As yet, this service is still in development. I have the appropriate scripts online and working, but many tweaks are needed before the mini-site will be ready for visitors to use. Also, I want to develop a range of styles suitable for bloggers to use in sidebars.

Of course, this service would be free of charge to use, and unlike many other "news Headlines" widgets, no advertisements or link backs would be bundled with the Javascript code! Please leave your comments and suggestions regarding this project below.

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