August 31, 2007

Add a "BlogThis" button to your toolbar

"BlogThis!" is an easy way to make a blog post without having to visit your Blogger dashboard. It can come in very useful of you find a web page or blog post you want to blog about straight away.

The easiest way to use the "BlogThis!" function is to add a BlogThis button to your browser's link bar. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Create a link in your existing linkbar
  • If you use the Google Toolbar, enable the BlogThis link in the toolbar menu

When you click on the BlogThis! button, a small pop-up screen will appear which contains a link to the page you are on including the title of the page (as it appears in the top left corner of your browser). You can then add more text to the post and publish your post without even having to visit! The pop-up box should look something like this:

You can experiment with the BlogThis! function by clicking on the link below. This link functions in the same way as the link bar BlogThis! link.


Here's how to create a BlogThis! link in your browser's link bar:

Create a link manually in your browser link bar

To create a link in your existing browser link bar, you will be adding a javascript "bookmarklet" which, when clicked, will open up a new page with a mini Blogger interface in which you can create your post.

The easiest way to do this is to drag the link below into your link bar:

BlogThis! (drag this link to your link bar)

This will create a link called "BlogThis" in your link bar, beside any other links you may already have there.

If the links bar isn't appearing in your Internet Explorer browser, you will need to enable the links view. To do this, go to View>Options and then click on "Links"

Create a link in your Google Toolbar

The Google Toolbar already has the "BlogThis" link installed. To activate this, click on the Google button in your toolbar, then on the "options" selection. You can then tick the BlogThis option, which will then enable the BlogThis function in your link bar.

It should also be possible to create a BlogThis link to appear in each of your Blogger posts. I'm going to experiment with this now, and will post on this subject once I am sure of the method and implications.

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