200 Alternative installation for Blogumus (fixes the blank widget problem)
September 17, 2008 /

Update: The URLs for the tagcloud files have now been updated. See original post for more information.

Blogumus is an animated tag cloud widget for Blogger powered blogs, which has proven to be the most popular widget ever published on this site.

Most bloggers have been able to install this flash-based widget successfully using the default installation instructions. However, for those using long label names or who have many JavaScript/Flash based widgets present in their blog layout, there seems to be a "blank widget" issue where Blogumus is present but will not display the animated tags.

Thanks to some helpful insights from Roy Tanck (the original author of Cumulus on which this widget is based), I've been able to construct an alternative method for installation which embeds Blogumus as a flash object rather than relying on JavaScript.

If you have experienced problems in displaying Blogumus in your Blogger template, this alternative method for installation should enable Blogumus to display correctly for you.

How to install Blogumus using this alternative method

This method of installation is very similar to the original one.

Firstly, go to Layout>Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard. Do not check the "Expand widget templates" box as this would complicate the process!

Using your browser's search function, find this line in your template code:
<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>
Immediately after this line, paste the following section of code:

<b:widget id='Label99' locked='false' title='Labels' type='Label'>
<b:includable id='main'>
  <b:if cond='data:title'>
  <div class='widget-content'>

    &lt;object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://sites.google.com/site/bloggerustemplatus/code/tagcloud.swf" width="250" height="200" allowscriptaccess="always" &gt;
        &lt;param name="movie" value="http://sites.google.com/site/bloggerustemplatus/code/tagcloud.swf" /&gt;
        &lt;param name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff" /&gt;
        &lt;param name="flashvars" value="tcolor=0x000000&amp;mode=tags&amp;distr=true&amp;tspeed=100&amp;tagcloud=&lt;tags&gt;
      <b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
<a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' expr:href='data:label.url' style='12'><data:label.name/></a>
&lt;/tags&gt;" /&gt;
        &lt;p&gt;Blogumulus by &lt;a href='http://www.roytanck.com/'&gt;Roy Tanck&lt;/a&gt; and &lt;a href='http://www.bloggerbuster.com'&gt;Amanda Fazani&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;


  <b:include name='quickedit'/>

Now preview your template. If the installation is successful, you should see the Blogumus widget appear in your sidebar. You can then proceed to save your template.

This version of Blogumus should display all of your labels without issue, and can be moved to other sections of your layout through the Layout>Page Elements screen.

Customizing this alternative Blogumus installation

As with the original widget, it is possible to customize some aspects of Blogumus to better match the style of your blog.

By default, this installation uses the following values:
  • The width is 250px
  • The height is 200px
  • Background color is white
  • Text color is black
  • Font size is 12
All of these options can be changed by editing the code used to display this widget. Here is how you could customize these options:

Change height and width

Both of these options can be configured in the following line:
&lt;object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://sites.google.com/site/bloggerustemplatus/code/tagcloud.swf" width="250" height="200" allowscriptaccess="always" &gt;
Change these dimensions (in pixels) to a more appropriate size for your sidebar or widget section. Note: it is better for the tag cloud to be wider than it is tall (landscape proportions) which enables proper display of the tags.

Change background color

To change the background color, alter the hex value found in this line:

&lt;param name="bgcolor" value="#ffffff" /&gt;

By default, this is set to white, but you can alter this to any value you prefer.

Change the color of text

The tag-links are black by default, though you can change this within the following line using the tcolor value:
&lt;param name="flashvars" value="tcolor=0x000000&amp;mode=tags&amp;distr=true&amp;tspeed=100&amp;tagcloud=&lt;tags&gt;
This six character tag is actually a hex value without the preceeding # symbol. You can alter this to be any hex color code you prefer.

To alter the size of tags/links

In the following line of code, the size of the tag links is "12" (proportionate to the size of the widget). You can change this value to a smaller or larger number depending on whether you prefer the links to appear smaller or larger in your widget.

<a expr:dir='data:blog.languageDirection' expr:href='data:label.url' style='12'>

For example, if you prefer smaller links, change this value to "10" (or even smaller). You can always preview the changes before saving to ensure the links appear in the style and size you prefer.

I hope this alternative method works for you!

After much testing and modifications, I feel assured that these new installation instructions for Blogumus should work for any Blogger "layouts" template, regardless of the length of label names, other scripts present in the widget, and so on.

As far as I can tell, no labels should be "missing" from the cloud (an issue reported by many in the previous thread, for which we cannot discover the problem!).

If you do experience issues with this alternative method, please do let me know.

Special thanks to Roy Tanck for his help with the "object embed" solution on which these instructions are based :)

Author: Amanda Kennedy

Amanda is a professional blogger and web designer living in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

In addition to curating Blogger Buster, you can find Amanda on Twitter, Facebook or add her to your circle on Google+.

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  1. Well done Amanda, Great job. Thank you very much

  2. Hi Amanda, I'm still getting the blank box with this new code, I really can't get my head round how it can work on once blog but not another.

    www.skotbites.com works fine
    www.blu-raypricecheck.com shows the blank box

    Any ideas?

  3. wah ilmu baru lagi buat saya!

    thanx amanda!

  4. is there a way to make the background transparent?

  5. Still comes up blank for me as well. Should we remove the old Label clouds first?

  6. How come I still can't click any of the labels???

    I didn't add it to my blog for the same reason. I'm using Firefox 3 & when I click (& double-click as well) on a label here on BloggerBuster, nothing happens! :(

  7. Still a CPU hog...

    I would love to use this but it is still using a ton of processor to run. Any page I go to with the blogumus widget or the new flash version causes firefox to use 50 - 60% of my cpu. I can't justify doing that to my blog readers for the sake of a cool widget. And yes, I think it's the coolest widget I've seen, but not worth the performance hit.

  8. There is still always one tag/label missing, no matter how many I have. In my blog there is now total of nine different labels and in the cloud I can see only eight. Strange!...

  9. Great post. I forgot getting your permission to translate your post about i-query method 1 into Vietnamese for vietnamese bloggers. T

  10. Thanks for the tip.
    It worked properly.


  11. Thanks Amanda, this is what I'm looking for, so glad that it's available for blogger/blogspot user now. I'm gonna install it, I think

  12. Opss..I find the same problem as @carrotmadman6, I click and double-click it, but nothing happens. I use FF v2 and I try with IE6 and it doesn't work either.

  13. Have blog



    Decrise by bloggerbuster

  14. @Skotbites: That's very odd :/
    It seems you're using the same template for both blogs, though a few widgets are different. I'm utterly perplexed as to why this isn't working for your Blue-Ray blog!

    @Skotbites, Tommy Salami, Grimm and Edwin Vázquez: It seems the only way to make this work for the blogs experiencing this issue is to hand-code the widget, and replace several label URLs with TinyUrls (or similar).

    What I can't figure out is WHY this happens! I checked the code above on some incredibly complex layouts with dozens of widgets, with very very long label links and several different blog URLS. It worked perfectly in all these circumstances, so for me this is frustrating to say the least.

    The only other option I can offer now is to explain how to hand-code the widget, replacing URLs with TinyURLs instead. This will involve a lot more work for installation though, as you will need to hand code your own widgets, retrieve the TinyUrls, etc. SO it won't be as easy as this and the original method.

    Let me know if you are prepared to do this, and I'll write up a help sheet (which may be easier to follow than an HTML based tutorial, as I will need to highlight code in certain ways for clarity).

    @Jackster: By chance, so you have a label which includes 0 posts (or significantly less posts than other labels)? I'm still unable to figure out this issue. The code used should produce links for every label in the loop, and I wonder if it may be a problem with the Label Loop rather than the code for this widget.

    @Carrotmadman6: In my Blogumus widget (sidebar) I had forgotten to add the parameter for allowing script access. This prevented the links being active, though I have fixed this now. Just tried in FF3 and IE6. It works fine for me :) Are you having issues with this in your own blog, or just mine?

    @Tinh: It would be great to see a translation of this hack, though I would ask two things of you: please provide a link back to Blogger Buster to confirm your resource, and if possible, I'd appreciate some commentary of your own in the post. This ensures the content is not merely duplicated, and is of benefit to us both.

    I really need to write up a notice about using posts from Blogger Buster to clarify some issues for other readers too :)

    Once you've posted, please send me a link to the post so I can reference this as a Vietnamese translation for others who may be interested to use this too.

    @Ty: I know what you mean about the CPU hogging! I'm not great with Flash so I have no clue how to reduce the files used for a smaller CPU usage. If anyone could offer advice on this, please do let me know!

  15. damn, this sucks. will leave the phydeaux cloud on my site then. thanks for the help though.

  16. Amanda, Blogumus on my blog works in FF, but it's not clickable in IE6. Please help. Thanks.

  17. Yeah, the Blogumus worked fine on 1 out of 3 of my blogs. I'll keep trying on figuring out why it won't work on my other blogs and If i figure out how to make it work, I'll let you know Amanda. In the end of the day, I'd choose using Blogumus because it looks so cool. But for the blogs where I can't get it to work...I'm gonna stick with the phydeaux method which Grimm mentioned earlier....at least until I get the Blogumus to work. I'll keep checking in on the Blogumus posts to look for further updates and solution to the now famous "Blank Widget" ordeal.

  18. Hi Amanda, thanks for the alternative. However it does not resolve the other languages issue. The Arabic labels I have do not show. While English labels works just fine.

  19. It is same still the same problem in my blog. Only an empty white box is appearing there.

  20. Hey Amanda..I am using the earlier method on my blog smartbloggerz.com and it's working perfectly.

    I wanna ask are there any advantages of using this Alternate method in case of loading time or any such..Or should we use the old method if it's working properly on our blog.??

  21. I tried it in my blog for the first time following this Alternative installation and it
    works great! I could even click on the links. I'm not sure though if my blog would load slower with other computers coz it loads pretty much the same even I had successfully installed this Widget.

    Thank you very much Amanda and more power to you!

  22. Hi Amanda,

    I just don`t get it started. I don`t find the line you mentioned under which the code is suppose to start.

    My page is called:

    Could you pls help me on that? Thank you already.

  23. Installed the fix and my cloud looks great. love your page. Actually downloaded a template from eblogtemplates and tweaked it a lot more with your: adding column on the footer section plus this tag cloud. Fantastic. Thank you very much

    PLZ ....

  25. Thanks for the reply Amanda think I'll give it a miss. I'll keep reading your site though.


  26. Thanks you Amanda. But I need help you again. I am done install blogumus, but link labels do not show after click. Please help and inform to me. I am wait your answer and email to me : zlamzugiart@gmail.com
    Thanks you

  27. Hi Amanda,

    This is great.

    Using FF, Flock and Safari, there is no problem.
    But using IE7, It goes blank the moment I go away from main page, i.e. click on any other posts.

    Just to let you know.

  28. One more thing, the label is not clickable when using IE.


  29. It does not show my persian tags!

  30. Wow, thank's Amanda, very simple (^_^)

  31. Just added it to my blog. Looks great! Thank you, Amanda.

  32. A piece of advice for those whose cloud keeps appearing blank. When I installed it, it worked perfectly, but when adding some other tags to a new post it stopped working. The problem? Avoid using special characters like "´", "¨" "ñ" or even the " I removed the tags with those elements and it works perfectly now.

    Great work and amazing blog, Amanda. Best regards!

  33. wah bagus-bagus tips-nya mau saya unduh ni, tapi habis lebaran aja HeHeHe

  34. Perfect it works perfect, just have to find out color codes to change.

    Gracias amigo

  35. didn't work for me too.. please check on my site too amanda. the label cloud is on the bottom left portion of the page at http://robinemz.blogspot.com


  36. Thanks a ton! works perfectly! have a look @

  37. Amanda. its not wor on my blog. Please help me!


  38. Thanks Dear.,

    It was some changes to be done. for my blog, but i did it..
    thanks for the guide., you rock

  39. hey could it be possible for it to be use for post titles?

  40. Blank Widget for me too :( and i tried both original as well as alternative .. Any ideas..

  41. Blank also but I can see the operational one you have in your 1st post. I thought it could be my browser but if I can see yours I SHOULD be able to see it on my blog. I have tried both BTW. Thanks for this when I get it working...

  42. This is my first time to try putting that cloud labels widget, and it work well the easier way. Thanks Amanda!

  43. HI

    Now, the cloud label appears without problems... but... nothing happens when u click on them !!! :(

  44. Doesn't work for me. I tried both methods and it just shows a white square. I tried in different browsers with no luck either. It works fine on your page here on any browser. I am using your Halloween template. I even tried deleted every other widgets I had with no luck.



  45. Thanks Amanda for this beautiful widget. It worked for me flawlessly. Is there any way to exclude a keyword appearing in this widget?

  46. works a treat. and easy to tweak too. nice and thank you!

  47. Hi Amanda,
    Another blank square :(
    I would appreciate it very much if you could make this work.
    Here's my blog (it's in Hebrew, but all tags are English): www.yairjazz.blogspot.com


  48. A fix for the "fix." If you guys tried them both and it still doesn't work for you. If you still see a blank widget. Do what I did and GREATLY reduce the quantity of labels you have.

    I have around 30 now and it seems to be working fine. I hope this works for you. If this solves your headache, let the developers of this cool widget know.

    And if you have some extra time, drop by my page and comment too. ;)


  49. Thanks for the code. It really works on my blog.

    Blank square, maybe post that doesn't have labels.

    Or maybe try to shift on your browser.

  50. Thanx!
    It worked and is easier than previous method!!

  51. ;-((

    i've tried both versions not success for me 'n' mY bloG


  52. hmmm ...

    no luck for me too :( ... (and me too tried both methods )

    what's wrong it can be amanda ??

    it still hows only blank box ...

    http://thetwoface.blogspot.com/ ...

  53. Okay ......
    Well, Amanda ,first of all, thanks for converting the code....
    Okay, First when I tried it, it failed and showed blank like others.....
    I had about 75 labels so I figured it out that something must be related to No.of Labels do affect the appearance of code.
    For all those who didn;t have success may try to reduce some no. of useless label in order make space and once installed, the widget can catch hold of many labels.

    This may help you.......
    www.fullscrew.blogspot.com ( visit it sometime)

  54. And Amanda , I have a problem. Take a look if you can solve it. Visit my blog www.fullscrew.blogspot.com and you can see that the font of all post is too small. This was a result of shift of template from WP Polariad to Funkyzine template.
    If you could somehow find a way so that I can change the font uniformly of all post's text at the same time, coz changing the font by entering each post is troublesome.........


  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. not working for me..:(

    chk this pic plz


    well this my test blog.and its not working

  57. Not working for me either, the cloud label appears without problems... but... nothing happens when I click on them


    You can see it at http://publicacionesfranciscoalarcon.blogspot.com/

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  59. Guys.. I think Ive found the fix.. Don't include characters like ' - etc. in the tags... Remove them and try.. It worked for me...


  60. Hello,
    I can't find the right place where to paste the code in my html template... could someone help me?
    /* Sidebar Styles */

    .sidebar {
    margin: 10px;
    font: $sidebarfont;
    color: $sidefontcolor;
    line-height: 1.6em;
    text-align: left;

    h2.title, .sidebar h2 {
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 4px;
    font: $sidetitlefont;
    color: $sidetitlecolor;
    line-height: 1em;
    letter-spacing: 0.1em;
    text-align: center;
    border-bottom:1px solid $boxbordercolor;

    .sidebar ul, .post ul {
    margin: 0 0 1.5em;
    padding: 5px;

    .sidebar li, .post li {
    font-size: 1em;
    list-style: none;

    .comment-link {
    font-size: 1em;

  61. Hello Amanda.

    I had successfully installed this great widget and it worked fine ... until this morning when I noticed that the tags have disappeared, leaving the widget looking like an empty frame.

    Any help, please?

  62. Kumaran Raman got it right. remove all the special symbols, it will only work if you have letters or numbers as labels. my problem is this, have too many labels and it is clogging my view. do we have an alternative to limit the labels to be shown, perhaps those that has a count of 4 or more?

  63. Ditto to Kumaran Raman and Cacho -- if labels are only comprised of letters and numbers, then it works no matter how many labels you have. Granted, it is only user friendly with a few dozen labels, it will work with even 100+ when the labels do not have in them any punctuation or other symbols. BG

  64. Very effective tip but it seems that it doesn't work with IE : when you click on a label, Blogumus in the sidebar disapears (using IE 7).
    Can you save us Amanda :) ?

  65. Muito obrigado, Amanda. Consegui instalar no meu blog, mesmo não sabendo quase nada de inglês. Parabéns!

  66. ATTENTION: This alternative version doesn't work in IExplorer 7. And this matters a lot, because a lot of people use this browser (of course not I). In IE7 the label cloud is displayed, but when you click on a label nothing will happen!

  67. To Torsten,

    Its true what you state. I am using IE7 and i can not see the Blogumus labels in Amanda's bloggerbuster website.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. Hi Amanda,

    This is great. Thank you very much!

    So, tags including the slash ("/") & "'" don't work. I think it only has to replace the slash at "%2f", but how should I do?

    I hope "'" incidentally.

  70. Sorry, dot'work for me too :-(
    Please help a Dummie 8-)

  71. it works for me although its 1 label less. but thanks alot. its a great widget. a better alternative to list type category and tag clouds.

  72. Can you please make it for UTF8? because may blog is written in UTF8 bangla font (SolaimanLipi)... thanks in advance

  73. Hey, I do not work for with 2 methods which, in my blog there are more than 50 labels, this could be the problem? The table is white but, is there a solution?

    Greetings and thanks


  74. Hi Amanda,
    I tried the alternative solution. But I still get a blank page. I only have about 30 labels or so and none of them are too long. The individual URL of each post on my blog are very long though. Any help will be appreciated. I am willing to hand code everything with your help
    my blogspot

  75. widget cumulus dont work.

    help please



  76. thank you..its great


  77. Hi Amanda,

    that tag cloud is gorgeous, but it's half-part working for me. I have one label in Cyrillic, and i think that the code does not recognize it. But if you look I have 4 labels (http://my-mind-diary.blogspot.com), and on the box appear just two of them. Pls give me some advise (not necessary for the Cyrillic label)

  78. ...help me! But why lost one label??

  79. hi amanda, hurm...this method doesn't work with me.it still showing blank page.

  80. What I find interesting is that the "Blogumulus" widget works in Firefox but is blank in IE unless I do the fix. My favicons also work in Firefox but not IE.

    Switch to Firefox today! :P


  81. these information very useful.

    See my HOT collection wallpaper

  82. I use this on my blog but some of my labels are missing...

  83. hi amanda, great tips . i dont have much of labels, but i tried your tips ...
    yet, i discovered a label missing from my cloud .
    can you tell me why?
    thnk you amanda

  84. Thanks for this great widget. Thanks to Kumaran Raman for the punctuation tip. Just wish it would work for IE as well.


  85. Hi Amanda,

    i use IE 7.your site's blogumus displays n works fine. the 1st method works but only during initial site load-after i click on a label or any other link, the label disappear. only closing the tab n reloading the site makes them appear again.

    the 2nd revised method displays fine but the labels aren't clickable.

    would love this widget to work. any ideas?

    atma singh


  86. i tried this alternative, but my site still shown blank...

    but i've used it also in my other site, but it's work... i dunno why.....

  87. Hey Amanda, finally I have installed this widget and it's working perfect :)


  88. Amanda excellent. On my blog the problem was only with IE. A big kiss for you and much success with Blogger Buster.

  89. I don't know whether I had a mistake or not . but when I tried it to my blog , only the link to roytancks and ur blog which appeared . any ideas ?

  90. hi Amanda... i've followed urs but still blanks... what happen to mine???

  91. hi Amamda, simply A BLANK SECTION is what i'm getting.......

    Please help me resolve the issue. http://whoaresikh.blogspot.com

  92. doesn't work unless you constantly refresh. Most of the time blank so not useful. I am using a 3-column template, maybe that is it.

  93. its not working for my blog... so sad.


  94. Thanks Amamda,

    The answer to fix the blank problem has already been mentioned above. You just have to remove special characters such as an apostrophe ’ ' from your labels. I found out because the label cloud worked at first, than I made a new label " David's Blog " than it didn't work.

    Come visit me, http://geneyuss.blogspot.com/

  95. As far as I know you need the latest flash player and to use only pure text in your labels :)

    I was wondering if it is possible to add some parameter that makes the font change colour on mouseover like a link as well as the box that goes round the label? No worries if it is too much trouble :)

    I also like the sound of knowing how to add your own links too :)

    This is quite simply my most favourite widget ever, thanks for making it possible for us to use it :)

    Thanks again :)

  96. G-R-E-A-T. For me is working great; Thanks

  97. plz help me to fix this blank box instead of label clouds.

  98. I solved the problem with IE7 and non-clickable links.

    The part [allowscriptaccess="always"] inside the object tag is not enough.

    You have to add another line:
    [<param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />] somewhere between other param tags (movie, bgcolor, ...).

    It works like a charm now. Check it out at http://tkresevic.blogspot.com/

  99. I solved the problem with IE7 and non-clickable links.

    The part [allowscriptaccess="always"] inside the object tag is not enough.

    You have to add another line:
    [<param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />] somewhere between other param tags (movie, bgcolor, ...).

    It works like a charm now. Check it out at http://tkresevic.blogspot.com/

  100. dudes, a tag is missing for me too. if you wanna solve the problem, just add an extra tag. ;)

  101. Hi.. I think Kamran Idea is work. At first I also face the same problem. Only Blank box come out. Than I change all the Labels and removed all the tags with symlols (!@;?> etc...) and It work fine.. Thanks amanda and Thanks Kamran..


  102. still getting a blank square

  103. Hi Amanda, how do I make it so the text changes color like a normal link when I hover over a label?

  104. Hi - just tried adding the word cloud in both versions; First version nothing came up with the exception of your credits, 2nd version left me with a blank space.

    I'm using a Blogger blog, with Flock as a browser, but nothing to unusual I suppose. I look forward to hearing from you

    Cheers, Roo

  105. I've found the solution for the non-clickable links problem.

    Adding [allowscriptaccess="always"] inside the object [element] is not enough. You have to create another element like this:

    <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />

    It works fine for me now. You may check it out at my site.

  106. I've found the solution for the non-clickable links problem.

    Adding [allowscriptaccess="always"] inside the object element is not enough. You have to create another element like this:

    <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />

    It works fine for me. You may check it out at my site:

  107. doesn't work for me either :(

  108. One problem: 1 marker is missing!

    A reader called me about a problem with the tag cloud.
    When used, not a label.

    For example, if I have 7 markers in the tag cloud appears only 6.

    what is happening? Aguri reply.

  109. Thanks! Works great for me! Looks awesome.

  110. Amanda, I love it. Your tips are always the cleanest and clearest of the many who are offering up their hacks.

    I love the cloud because it looks like a golf ball, which is perfect for my site.


    My CPU usage is about 4% when the ball is not spinning, about 8% when it is spinning. Seems well worth it to me.

    Thanks Again,

  111. thanks Amanda..
    it works great on my blog!!
    wanna see it in action?
    yeah! sure..
    feel free to visit my blog..

  112. this is the answer after my 48-figuring out why the previous method didn't work at my blog

    Great thanks to, err... Amanda?


  113. I love you Amanda!!!!!!

    you are the best!!!!!

    it works really really amazing :-), Thank you very very much!

    My blog is about BlackBerry Smartphones "bberryworld.blogspot.com"

    Thanks again!!

  114. Hey Amanda,

    Nice work with the conversion of this cloud. I implemented it in my custom blog, and I can't get the links to work any ideas?

  115. Still not eork for my template, here's the message :

    "We were unable to preview your template
    Please correct the error below and submit your template again.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure that all XML elements are closed properly.
    XML error message: The reference to entity "mode" must end with the ';' delimiter."

  116. Hello.

    I tried both widget. none works.



  117. Hi, Amanda! I've been trying to use this on my blog since you posted this. It works but there's always one label missing. I've tried using other templates but I still get the same problem. Help!


  118. Hi, this problem - one label missing - happens because the version 1.20 of Blogumus have some kind of bug.
    Try to download the old version (1.19 or more) in Download Section and substitute the link in widget for this one (you need put this archive "tagcloud.swf" online)
    For me, this worked.
    See you

  119. It still doesn't work for me either!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. its not easy for me...trying several days and hours now...
    do i have to learn xml and xhtml and javascript?
    i followed your hints how to implement blogumus but i cant see any cloud... what am i doing wrong?

  121. it still doesn't work for me at all

  122. Pra mim tambem não funcionou, tentei as duas sugestões, e o resultado foi identico nos dois modos...que pena ... mas valeu..achei muitas outras utilidades aqui no seu espaço.
    um abraço.

  123. somebody who speaks freaking spanish please???!!
    beacuse i understand so good, but, i've a problem, my tags of the cloud, doesn't have any link, so i don't know, and i had just 2 tags!! i want more, what can i do..
    if somebody can write to me in spanish .. thanks! =)

  124. I love this widget, but haven't been able to get it to work for me anymore. It worked the very first time I added it about a month ago (with the old codes)....then it suddenly went blank about a week later. I have no clue why it won't work anymore....any ideas?

    (both have widgets on bottom of sidebar since they are blank and unsightly)

  125. This will not work for me at all. And I cannot seem to make it have a transparent background.

    In any case, I either get a blank white, bright green or black box.

    No label cloud for me, apparently.

    Is there any fix at all for this?

  126. Hello Amanda,Why this tutorial doesnt work?heres my blog http://komputer28.blogspot.com Thanx

  127. I have get it to work, there are two small modifications for the code:

    <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" />
    somewhere in the code to make the labels clickable in IE.
    2. Adding
    <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
    to get the backgound transparent.

    I also figure out how to position it onto the header with a glittering title text.

    Now I really love the special effect on my blog's title area.


  128. Hello Amanda

    I tried using both the versions of the code but both of them result in a blank widget! I read through few of the comments here and few have doubts about the number of labels, but I have very few labels. I am not able to figure out the problem!

  129. Hi Amanda,

    I am having the same problem as Bala. I have tried both versions resulting in a blank widget.

    Can you help?


  130. amanda, i cannot get this to show up! the widget is there but there is absolutely no picture/text/cloud...help, please!

  131. All I get is a white box as well. Please help!

  132. thanks amanda.. this fixed my problem in IE


  133. can someone help , it works in firefox , works with IE in the home page when i goto individual post it shows blank widget , please help !


  134. Tried both methods, nothing but white boxes.

    Spent hours eliminating any kind of tag with characters that did not solve problem but I have hundreds of tags and some long tags but I read above and followed instructions, I even tried to make the box bigger to include longer tag lines and that did not work.

    Could this be a problem with three column blogs, I tried both sidebars and even main section. Could change colors no problem but cannot get tags to appear.

    There has to be an easy fix to this code where you can change the number of tags to start with 40, 50 or more.

    I also deleted tags from layout and kept them in before adding code and still nothing.

    Finally, I settled for this which worked but not what I wanted which is visible now.


    Thanks You. Beautiful widget but very disappointed I cannot get it to work.

    This is the blog I'm experimenting in:

    Any answers would be appreciated.

  135. Hi Amanda!

    Well, I inserted the revised code and it worked. Then I changed its position in my blog sidebar, and now it sometimes works and sometimes not.

    Is it possible there are too many tags? Needs re-sizing?

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

    My blog is: http://jakaplan.blogspot.com

  136. Can someone help me! When I used the first code I got nothing. When I used the new revised code all I got was a blank while box. NOTHING! I've gone to different websites and it still doesn't work. Is it me?! Can ANY blogger help me please?
    my blog is

    Is it because I have a 3 column blog?

  137. I fixed mine by taking apostrophes out of my tags.

    Took me 3 days to figure it out but working now!

    Go and edit your tags people.


  138. It has worked properly. Thanks a lot. I was searching for one like this for so long.
    Here is how it looks like:

    Thanks again.

  139. Dear Amanda!

    It didn't work on my blog (http://verabebe.pixnet.net/blog), the tag only shows as following :

    Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani

    Please Help me, dmx_music@msn.com

    Thanks for your attention to this : )

  140. the same problem amanda an empty frame

  141. Hi Amanda,
    I've tried both ways to install blogumus but i am still getting an empty box.

    Would you be able to figure out whats wrong?
    Thanks alot!

  142. You guys are a-MAZ-ing. My blog would be a blank page with "Please help me, I have fallen" scrawled across it in crayon without your widgets and gadgets and tips. Hats-off to you, BB.


  143. It stay lost 1 label on My blog


  144. Hi Amanda,

    I'd like to say thank you very much for this outstanding work. Thank you and thank Roy Tanck. Both for the excellent coding and your exquisite kindness attending all our feedback and queries.
    I'd like to add one line. I've been dealing with the "blank issue". For almost a couple hours. Reading all the posts. And I've figured out what my problem was. Please, ensure you're sit down, and holding no drinks at your hand, bc you could end up both really mad at me. The problem I had, the really big, super-difficult, almost unthinkable problem was: that I had not specified any tags yet. Ouch.
    I'm glad I haven't made you waste your obviously very worthy time on me.
    Please, if you ever waste another second on the "blank issue" on this wonderful widget, take the time to add a line warning (dumb-people-like-me) to check they already have tags created. I'd prefer they spend your time saying how wonderful your work really is, instead of making you deal with misteries so dark like the one I've had.

    Again, thank you very very much, for your excellent piece of code, and specially for your kindness and patience with us.

  145. Hello amanda.

    It works well in my blog BUT when i accidentally clicked the quickedit button from my blog page, it shows blank ever since.

    Tried reverting to my old XML that i saved before installing blogumus but it kept showing a blank widget.

    Tried on my other blog, blogumus worked well. If this blank widget problem has anything to do with quickedit button, i hope it can be fixed.


  146. Hi Amanda

    great of you to do this and I've been wanting this on my blog for ages, but can't even get this 'method' to work any advice - doesnt display in tab.


    Thanks Yosser

  147. Hi Amanda
    Great Job!!
    I'm using this Gadget on my blog and works fine, with a litle problem that is fixed in the last verion (1.23) of the flash animation (.swf) Could update the .swf file witch you refer in the code?

    Thanks a lot !!!

  148. Hi Amanda,
    I have tried both this and the original method and neither seems to work. I have had the widget since last year but it stopped working a few days ago. I have uninstalled and re-installed my flash player but that does not seem to be the problem.Any suggestions? I really appreciate it!


  149. Hi Amanda,

    I have the same problem as "Santafire".

    I wonder if it really does have to do with the "quickedit" button on a blogs main page within Blogger. I also tried re-inserting my original xml code but the problem still exists.

    I hope someone can figure this out. I really love this widget. :(


  150. Hi Amanda,

    Still not able to get this working. Can you please help? This is giving me a headache trying to get it working.


  151. Hi Amanda,
    I've read most of these posts and I tried the alternative fix but my cloud is still blank. Had been working fine for months until few days ago.
    Could you please give me some advice on what to do next?

    Thanks so much!


  152. Hi Amanda,

    I managed to get mine working wonderfully but recently all it displayed was "Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani". And then I read about your predicament on your lost templates. I figured my blogumus may have been affected in the same way.

    In your example, there are codes that is pointing to files located at "http://halotemplates.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-cumulus-example". Looks like that hosting is having a problem. Since I have those files with me in my own hosting, I change the code to point them to my hosting. That solved the problem and my blogumus is floating charmingly like before.

  153. Hi Amanda,
    This alternative installation did not fix the blank cloud.
    What else can I do to get tags/labels back?



  154. Hello! My Tag cloud disappeared !!!!

    Please...what can i do????

  155. Amanda:

    In the past couple of months the blogumulus widget (the blogger version, installed with the alternative method) isn't displayed neither on my site nor other blogs that I've been following. It's been on my blog for about a year and a half and this is the first time I have problems with it.

    It's only me or are there any other users experiencing the same issues?

  156. Hi Amanda, thats a great work!!!!
    i wish u make many more useful gadgets
    i am not good at programming....the
    "swf"-flashfile is not loading in the code "http://halotemplates.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-cumulus-example/tagcloud.swf" i think the correction of this file would solve all the blank widget problems of ur followers like me..

    i have installed blogumus in my blog
    this is an awesome gadget we and our visitors are missing it a lot....i hope u look into this issue as soon as possible as the problem is prolonged for months...

  157. Hi Amanda,is it possible for coloured tags in this widget...i had seen the similar widget in http://www.iplt20.com/photos.php?id=419.... we would love to enjoy this new flavour to ur widget

  158. Hi Amanada,

    the widget is working fine, but with just one problem: the labels containing characters like á, é, í, ü, ö, ő, ú, ű (hungarian language) not working when I click on them, so don't appear any post.
    You have any fix for this or what can I do for this (I now, labels without these characters, but I don't want this :-))?

    Thanks and best regards,

  159. Hi amanda Thanks It's Great Nice and looks beatiful you can look at http://www.dicky-kacep.6te.net thanks (^.^)

  160. This metod fix my problem man!
    Cheeeeeeers \o/
    Thanks a lot!

  161. Hello Amanda, congrats in your tag cloud conversion. I finally got it working. Fixed the blank area problem and also found a solution to the IE "non clickable" links from Tomaz post.
    But I still have two small problems.
    First one - I tried to change the text color (exactly as you said in your instructions) and I just can't get it done. It remains with the grayish default color whatever hex code I try to type in. Maybe it has something to do with the Minima template I'm using. Any help would be very much appreciated.
    Last issue - I use portuguese language in my blog thus some words have accentuation. Those words continue to be "unclickable" ones. Is there already a fix for this issue since I believe it affects many other country users?
    My very best and check out my Blog!

  162. Hi Amanda:
    First thanks for your GREAT work. I have tried both the standard installation and the alternative one and I still get a white screen even though the widget works and sees the labels. IF there is anything you can do my pate is http://www.plusutratech.com. Thanks!

  163. No it doesn´t work. I said it´s ok, but it´s not. They are moving, but when we click on the tags, nothing happens.

  164. hye amanda... i cant do this tutorial. caN U help me

  165. Wonderful article . Its increase my knowlegde by reading this article . You are an awesome writer . Keep posting...

  166. Dear Amanda,

    it's about 3 months that I'm using blogumus in 3 of my blogs, but recently and after buying the domain for 1 of them the plug in stopped working. I mean blogumus is not working with the one which is a .com while with the others ending with .blogspot.com works perfectly. I revised everything but can't reslove the problem. So I want to know if this is common with .com pages, and if there is a solution??

    Thanks for your time and the great plug in

  167. Thank Amanda, I'ts working with my blog,

  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. My Goodness Amanda... I'm definitely having a big smile right now because of you! I have been looking for this for so long! And finally thanks to you. Worked perfectly!

    My only thing is, about the steps. I find it easier if, I check first the "Expand Widget Templates" then finding the line: with the find function. I guess If we didn't check it first(before looking for the said line), this line will be hidden from the find function. Then after finding the line, we can now UN-CHECK the "Expand Widget Templates" and proceed to the next step which is copy-pasting the lengthy code you got there.

    I hope anybody with the same problem, would find this comment helpful.
    An we definitely have to thank Amanda for sharing!!!

    PS. Feel free to check out my blog where you can see actual tag-cloud live. It's really nice!!!

  170. Worked For me ...After serching on tons of websites...Finally this way worked properly !!!
    see my website:http://amaanthinks.blogspot.com/

  171. thanx...it works...:)
    guys....u can see live demo on

  172. Thanks! It`s amazing, and works perfect!

  173. I really agree with the facts that you have shared on this post. An interesting topic like this really enhances reader's mind to have more effective decisions over a certain issue. penis enlargement penis enlargement pills VigRX Plus

  174. hello everyone,to amanda thank for creating a wonderful piece of widget for all..to the people still has a blank widget,i got a solution..
    firstly you have to download the file and host it for yourself..then replace the original tagcloud link in the code provide by amanda,make sure you follow the code ext properly(eg. .swf .js)then you have your own cloud...

  175. I am very much impressive with this website and helpful info in this blog. I had search for gathered info in this website and using the nice information in this website.

  176. It works, thank you very much!!

  177. ohh works a treat. and easy to tweak too. nice and thank you!

    web development dubai

  178. Good afternoon! I have tried to use the above code in my blog with no success. Maybe because the language I am using is greek - the code only works with words written with latin characters. Is there a way to overcome that problem? Thank you in advance!


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