September 01, 2008

11 Useful SpeedLinks for Blogger Users

Here are some of the best tutorials and sites for Blogger users which have caught my attention this week:

1. Customized Feedburner Subscription Box After reading a thread on the Blogger Buster forums about customizing Feedburner's email subscription box, Doug Cloud has written an excellent tutorial to explain how he created a version to match his template design using Photoshop and CSS styling. If you haven't already visited Doug's blog, I really do suggest you pop over to see a beautiful Blogger powered design...

2. Add Yahoo! Buzz Buttons to your Blogger template Over at Woork, you can read how to add Yahoo! Buzz links to your Blogger template to benefit from this new social bookmarking system. While you're there, check out the amazing new design!

3. Utilize Blogger to reduce email overload

As part of an article explaining methods of reducing email overload, Digital Inspiration suggests using Blogger! I won't explain the details here as the post itself is an excellent read :)

4. iBlogSpot with Lifecast (iPhone App Review)

Over at The Blog Herald, you can read a review of Lifecast: an iPhone application for those using Blogger.

5. Weebly (An alternative to Google Pages)

As many of you may be aware, Google Pages will be phased out by the end of the year. So if you're looking for a free alternative host for your scripts and template files, Weebly is an excellent option. (Thanks to Fernandoo1 for the tip!)

6. Wowzio Widgets

Alisha of the Wowzio team let me know about this new service which automatically produces useful widgets for your blog based on the content from your blog feed. It certainly seems easy to use, and you can preview your widgets right away.

7. Show the current date in your blog

Over at ThemeLib, you can find a useful tutorial to display the current date in your blog with only minor tweaks to your template.

8. Show off your followers (new feature for Blogger)

I'm dying to try out this latest new feature for Blogger, but my dashboard hasn't been updated yet! If you'd like to know more, head over to Blogger Buzz to read this introductory post.

10. Ratings Widget for Blogger (With Popular Posts Widget for your Sidebar)

Although Blogger has recently introduced "star ratings" for our posts, this still lacks a fundamental function which I'm sure we'd all love to use: a popular posts widget for to showcase the most popular posts as determined by our readers.

Yellow Turnip has developed a ratings widget which you can add to your template with ease. There's no need to register, AND you can use a popular posts widget too!

11. Blogger Showcase

This Blogger powered site showcases the best of Blogger designs and is well worth a visit just to see how well it's been designed! You can vote for your favorites and submit your own designs for consideration:

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