July 12, 2008

Which logo do you prefer?

Although I love the current Blogger Buster design, various factors have convinced me that a redesign is in order.

On Monday, I will unveil a whole new look for Blogger Buster, featuring a clean layout which is easier on the eyes; loads much faster and will help you find articles of interest much more easily!

But I now have a slight dilemma: I don't know which logo I should use! So I'm hoping that you will offer your opinions to help me decide the final appearance of my new blog design.

You'll already be familiar with the current "grunge style" logo which seems to fit so well with the current style:

While I could continue using this logo with the redesigned layout, this does take up a lot of room in the header section.

Instead I wondered if I should revert back to the old logo which takes up much less room:

Which one do you think I should use?

Update: I am awed by the number of responses so far! In fact, this makes it even more difficult for me to choose between the two logos, so last night I did a little experimentation with the two headers to give you a sneak peek of the layout and better idea of the changes this could make to the header section.

If I use the current logo (the grunge style) I will maintain most of the current appearance of the header section:

With the smaller logo, the header would take up much less space, using only the search box from the current design (while the Twitter badge and other elements would move to the sidebar instead):

Admittedly, one of the reasons I was going to reduce the content in the header was because of the Twitter badge. As the code for this was in the header section of my template, whenever Twitter was down, my site refused to load.  Thankfully I've now discovered a solution to prevent this from happening, so I can continue to use Twitter in the header section.

I do agree with you all that the tagline should still remain part of the header! The two examples are still "works in progress" as I will make the final changes to the redesign today.

I'm redesigning Blogger Buster for all of you, so your opinions on this matter to me! Please let me know what you think by leaving your comments below.

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