17 More comment changes - have Blogger relented?
December 21, 2007 /

Thankfully I noticed today that Blogger have now added the facility for visitors to leave their URL along with their nickname when commenting. So now we don't have to use OpenId and perform endless tasks to be able to create backlinks to our blogs when leaving a comment on a familiar blog.

Thank you Blogger!

This time, Blogger have also decided to inform us about this change with a post on the Blogger Buzz blog, for which I am also grateful. I was quite upset when the Blogger team made the previous changes to the commenting system without informing us of what was happening, or indeed how to use the new OpenId system (though it seems that this issue has also now been rectified).

"You blog, we listen" was the headline for the post about the new comment changes. I am glad to see that Blogger do pay attention to what it's users have to say about their service, either through their blog posts or in the Blogger help group. Perhaps it was the frustration and en-masse Wordpress defectors which finally swayed the pendulum... Either way, I'm sure many existing Blogger users will feel happier about the change. I know I certainly am!

Author: Amanda Kennedy

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  1. I hope this is not true. I have posted before that "Other" option can cause problems especially for bloggers who runs the risks of getting framed and getting jailed in the process, or in more liberal countries, can allow someone to impersonate you. It looks like there are plenty of bloggers who are unsympathetic to bloggers in countries with repressive govt who have lost control of the information flow and trying to crack down on bloggers critical of Governments.

    I have commented in this blog, I have also commented in a previously pinned thread in Google Blogger Help group, but other bloggers are more preoccupied with their inconveniences compared with the possibility of being jailed.

    Do bloggers have that little compassions? Disappointed with such attitude when bloggers are facing oppressions and run high risks by posting critical blogs

    Concerned Malaysian Blog*Star
    Blog for Positive Changes
    (not a "polical" but forced to become one because of circumstances)

  2. Hey Amanda! Thanks for keeping us updated with blogging tips and information. More power to you and your family!

    Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. For Peter,

    My sincere apologies for the delay in answering your comments. After some research on the subject of impersonation (especially with regard to Blogger's services and policies) I can really understand your point of view. I have now made a complete post which I hope will answer some of your concerns and make others aware of the dangers of impersonation through blogs.

    However, I must say that I consider the "other" option in Blogger's comments to be only a small risk when compared to other flaws in Bloggers policies regarding identity and ownership of blogs and comments. Even if Blogger were to universally require commenters to log in before posting a message, the rest of the internet cannot be policed in such a way. Furthermore, it is all to easy for an impostor to create a blog in someone else's name, which could still result in impersonation of an innocent person, as you pointed out in your comment.

    I do hope that the full post I wrote on this subject helps identify this problem, and also offers some advice on how such impersonation can be avoided. However, this is a subject which I would like to research more fully, so in the future you may well see a more detailed post which particularly discusses how we can keep our identities safe online.

    Best wishes and thank you for your insightful comments,


  4. For Keng,

    Thanks for dropping by! I hope you find the posts here useful.

    Best wishes for the Christmas and the new year ahead!

    Amanda :)

  5. @Amanda: Yes, I agree with your thankfulness to Blogger for their move to leave their URL along with their nickname when commenting! Here in Sweden people had already started boycotting commenting on Blogger-sites... I myself have been thinking about migrating to Wordpress for ages and if Blogger would not have reconsidered on this last issue the time for just thinking would have been over and done with.

    @Peter Chen: While I understand your dilemma I question the reasoning behind your argument. For bloggers living in countries with repressive governments I sincerely doubt the way to a more democratic and respectful governance is dependent on enabling/disabling the "Other"-option... The nature of a repressive government is to do whatever it pleases regardless of the context, don't you agree?

    To my knowledge the better choice for bloggers in an environment where governance is prohibiting freedom of speech is Wordpress by the way.

    Cheers people and have a great X-mas!

  6. Hi Thomas,

    Regarding Wordpress, I know many have high regards for Wordpress. But the free Wordpress is useless and I will never go for self-hosted Wordpress when generous Blogger allows me to register my own domain, use Blogger custom domain, even host it for you for free plus give you almost unlimited storage, bandwidth, and I think good security and reliable hosting.

    With self-hosting, I have to worry about web host reliability, security, storage, bandwidth, renewal fees, etc. I have seen self-hosted blogs gone down because of a sudden huge spike in traffic but they did not pay for sufficient bandwidth, plus critical blogs being hacked into, etc.

    No, I will stick with Blogger.

    Peter Blog*Star
    Testing Blogger Beta (now New Blogger)

  7. I see you have deleted some naughty blogger's impersonation of Amanda :-(

    "I have now made a complete post which I hope will answer some of your concerns and make others aware of the dangers of impersonation through blogs."

    No link?

    Concerned Malaysian Blog*Star
    Blog for Positive Changes
    Digital Candlelight Vigil

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