December 10, 2007

Blogger's big comment boo-boo!

Blogger have recently introduced a terrible new commenting system which has made it very difficult for any commenter to feature a link to their blog in their comments. We used to be able to log in as "other" in order to create a backlink to our blogs, and also use comment avatars in our comments. Bloggers could also remove the "no-follow" tags to enable link love to those who take the time and effort to leave comments on their posts.

Not any more.

Google/Blogger have now decided to revoke our rights as moderators and masters of our own blogs...

Now Blogger blogs have a new commenting system which means we either have to sign in using our Google/Blogger accounts (which only creates a link to our profile pages), comment anonymously or use a nickname. Some Bloggers also have the feature to log in using OpenID/Wordpress/Typepad accounts which does offer a little hope. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case here at Blogger Buster yet. I'm sorry that for the time being you'll need to leave your comments using your Google accounts or sign them with your nickname instead. Heck, I can't even show my face beside my comments anymore!

As you can well imagine by the tone of this post, I am becoming increasingly unhappy with Blogger! I really don't understand why Blogger suddenly chose to use the Open ID system and remove the ability for commenters to leave their URL in comments along with their name. Now I fear that fewer people will feel invited to leave their comments on Blogger powered blogs. Worse still, I wonder how many users Blogger will use as so many people these days feel the urge to migrate to Wordpress.

There is some hope...

Thankfully I did find one solution which may enable you to leave your blog's url on Blogger powered blogs, though you will need to create an OpenID account and add code to your blog's header in order to do so. Once I have been able to make this work for myself I will post a full tutorial for you all, though as Blog Bloke has said, these days we have to jump through too many hoops just to leave our URL on a Blogger powered blog comment!

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