December 24, 2007

Get a Christmas banner for your blog

Christmas is just around the corner now, and many Bloggers are decorating their templates with festive themes. Unfortunately my time has been so limited lately and I simply couldn't get a festive Blogger theme ready for download in time for Christmas. So instead I created this festive banner as a decorative bauble for my theme.

I have made this available in both PNG (see top right) and GIF format which you can install in your own blogs as a widget.

This Christmas banner will float in the top right corner of your blog, and is great to decorate your blog for the festive season. I have not linked the image to anything, though a link back to this page in your blog is welcomed, and could inform your readers where they can get their own festive banner.

Install the Christmas Banner widget

The Christmas banner is available in two formats for you to install as a widget in your blog:

  • PNG format: this is the style you can see in my own blog. PNG is a better format for images with transparency, but you will need to ensure you have also installed the PNG fix for IE6 and below, otherwise you will see a grey background to the image!
  • GIF format: this is suitable for all blogs and browsers, though the image quality isn't quite as good.

Use the appropriate button below to install your own Christmas banner with just one click! After Christmas, you can easily delete your widget, or replace it with a New Year banner instead (which I will be uploading shortly).

Merry Christmas to you all!

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