December 21, 2007

More comment changes - have Blogger relented?

Thankfully I noticed today that Blogger have now added the facility for visitors to leave their URL along with their nickname when commenting. So now we don't have to use OpenId and perform endless tasks to be able to create backlinks to our blogs when leaving a comment on a familiar blog.

Thank you Blogger!

This time, Blogger have also decided to inform us about this change with a post on the Blogger Buzz blog, for which I am also grateful. I was quite upset when the Blogger team made the previous changes to the commenting system without informing us of what was happening, or indeed how to use the new OpenId system (though it seems that this issue has also now been rectified).

"You blog, we listen" was the headline for the post about the new comment changes. I am glad to see that Blogger do pay attention to what it's users have to say about their service, either through their blog posts or in the Blogger help group. Perhaps it was the frustration and en-masse Wordpress defectors which finally swayed the pendulum... Either way, I'm sure many existing Blogger users will feel happier about the change. I know I certainly am!

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