June 16, 2008

Blogger Buster Birthday Celebrations!

Today is a special day for Blogger Buster: it's exactly one year since I wrote the very first post for this blog!

When I look back through my archives of the last twelve months, I'm really thrilled to see how much this blog has grown and how my experience of using Blogger has developed.

So this week, I'd like to publish a special mini-series of posts in celebration of Blogger Buster's first birthday, concluding this Friday with a fabulous competition as a "thank you" gift to you all for encouraging me to write!

For this week, I'm going to take a break from the regular tutorials to provide you with some celebratory content, including:

  • Highlights of the past year
  • The most popular posts from a year of Blogger Buster
  • What to look forward to in the year to come
  • And...

  • 100 (or so) tips for using Blogger more effectively

Then on Friday, I'll be posting details of the first ever Blogger Buster competition :)

There will be some great prizes on offer for the lucky winners. Entry will not only be easy, it will be an interesting experience too...

I'm not going to post too many details just yet, but what I will say is that simply entering this competition will be useful for you, even if you are not an overall winner!

Be sure to subscribe to Blogger Buster to read these posts and receive more news about the competition!

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