November 07, 2007

Send Blogger links as SMS?

I noticed something rather interesting today in the code of the Blogger nav-bar: there is apparantly a link for "Send as SMS" hidden within this iframe, as highlighted in the image on the right.

It seems this link would enable the reader to send the URL of a blog post with a message by SMS from within the Iframe itself. What a great idea, when so many of us are now using our mobile phones to read (and even write) our blogs!

The URL produced by the Send as SMS link will look something like this, where the blog name and URL referenced belong to that of the blog you are viewing:

This URL would open your SMS program and insert the following as the text of a message:
Hi, check out Blogger Buster at
I don't have an SMS program installed on my computer, but was able to duplicate the results with my mobile phone!

I'd wondered if this link may display when viewing my blog from my mobile phone's wap browser, but this seems not to be the case (if anyone has seen this, please let me know about it though!).

I haven't yet found any further information about this link, either in the Blogger help section or by doing a Google search, so now I wonder if this will be a feature Blogger will implement in the future?

If anyone does know more about the "Send by SMS" link in the nav-bar, I would really like to know more about this. With the rise of readers surfing the net from their cell phones, this would certainly come in handy when telling friends about your favorite blogs!

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