September 12, 2007

Tic Tac Three Column Template (Blue) available to download

As requested by a few people now, I have modified the Tic Tac Blue template to add a second sidebar. Here is a screenshot for you:

You can see a demonstration of this template in the Tic-Tac Three column demonstration blog.

You can download this template using the link below. This is a zip file which contains the XML file for this template.

Download Three Column Tic Tac template (blue)

To use this in your blog, you should extract the XML file from the zip folder and save it to your computer. Then go to your Blogger dashboard, and click on Template>Edit HTML. Near the top of this page you will see a link where you can upload a new template from a location on your computer. Browse for the saved template file and click "upload". This will then install your new template in place of the old one.

All the images used in this template are hosted by Blogger Buster. You do not need to upload them to your own hosting providers.

You are free to modify this template as you wish, however I do ask that the author credits within the template itself remain in place. Please do not redistribute this template without a link back to Blogger Buster!

Very soon I will also be uploading the "green" version of the Tic Tac template available for download, along with widened versions of both the blue and green templates (which feature more space for blog posts).

Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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