September 13, 2007

Mobilize your blog with Widsets

I recently came across a new service from Widsets which enables you to syndicate your content for people to read as a widget on their mobile phone!

Using WidSets, you can create a widget using your blog's Atom/RSS feed which can be read on a mobile phone. Readers can subscribe to your WidSets widget and receive updates on their mobile device where a regular feed reader may be unavailable. You can see an example of the subscription button for WidSets in my right sidebar.

WidSets is a free service for both subscribers and publishers, and may be very useful in generating traffic from the new wave of readers using their mobile phone to surf the web. To create your own account and begin creating widgets to syndicate your blog content, head on over to WidSets and register your account details. You will be sent a confirmation message to your mobile phone and email account, and can begin creating your WidSets widgets straight away.

Do note that the text message sent by WidSets will contain a link for you to go online with your handset to download the WidSets software, which enables you to view your widgets from your phone. You do not need to use this software in order to be able to create widgets; you only really need to verify your email address.

Please let me know your opinions of this widget using the comment form below.

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