July 31, 2012

Connect Your Blog to a Google+ Page

If you log into your Blogger dashboard today, you'll notice a new Google+ tab which can be used to integrate our blogs with Google+.

For some time, we have been able to link our blogs with a personal Google+ profile. Now we are also able to connect to a Google+ page for business, organisation or brand!

If you haven't already connected your Blogger site to a Google+ profile, go to the Google+ tab in your dashboard and click the button to upgrade:

Connect your Blogger blog to a Google+ Page

If you operate a Google+ Page for your brand, business or organisation, you may want to connect your site with this page, rather than your personal profile.

Simply visit the Google+ tab in your dashboard and you'll be able to swap the Google+ connection from using your profile page to a Google+ page linked with your account:

Share Blogger posts on Google+

Each time you publish a blog post, you'll be prompted to share your post with your Google+ followers:

The post will be shared on the profile or page to which you have connected your blog. If your post includes an image, this thumbnail will be included along with a snippet of your post; where more than one image is present, you can choose which thumbnail to display using the arrows which appear over the thumbnail when you hover over it.

When you opt to schedule a post for publishing at a later time, you're not prompted to publish to your Google+ stream. In this case, you can choose to Share your post at any time after publication by clicking the Share link beneath your post in the Posts section of the dashboard:

At present, Blogger does not support automatic sharing of scheduled posts, though many of us are hopeful that this will be enabled soon due to popular demand!

Don't forget to add a Google+ badge to your layout to help attract more followers to your site!

More Google+ Updates for Blogger?

The Blogger team have hinted at future enhancements to Blogger's integration with Google+ in their announcement post. Be sure to follow Blogger on Google+ for updates, and of course I'll be publishing details as soon as I know more!

What do you think?

Personally I'm thrilled at these updates, particularly as I can now share published posts on the +Blogger Buster age rather than having to do this manually.

Do you find these updates helpful when publicising updates from your blog? Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions below.

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