June 01, 2010

Keyboard Shortcuts for Posting with Blogger

Keyboard shortcuts are a feature I find incredibly useful. Most of our favourite applications offers shortcuts to perform tasks, such as the generic CTRL+S to save or CTRL+B to generate bold text in word processing programs (the "Command"/CMD button for Mac users).

Blogger offers us a range of keyboard shortcuts we can use when creating and editing our blog posts to perform some most-used tasks without having to scroll around to find their appropriate buttons.

The following shortcuts have been tested to work in Internet Explorer 6+, although at present not all of these work in Firefox, Chrome and Opera*:

Shortcut Function Global browser compatibility?
CTRL+B Bold Text Yes
CTRL+I Italic text Yes
CTRL+U Underline text Yes
CTRL+L Blockquote (when in Edit HTML mode only) No
CTRL+Z Undo last operation Yes
CTRL+Y Redo last operation Yes
CTRL+SHIFT+A Insert Hyperlink No
CTRL+SHIFT+P Preview Post No
CTRL+D Save as Draft No
CTRL+P Publish Post Yes
CTRL+S Autosave Yes
CTRL+G Indic Transliteration No

* Mac users substitute CTRL for CMD

I've tested the shortcuts above in Firefox 3.63, Internet Explorer 7/8 and Chrome, though have yet been unable to test in Opera (so if anyone is able to do this, please let us know your findings in the comments!).

The Blogger Team are aware that some keyboard shortcuts do not work across all browsers and are working through the issues.

Do you find these keyboard shortcuts useful when posting with Blogger? Please feel free to comment using the form below.

Image Credit: sfxeric, via Flickr Creative Commons

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