300 Related Posts with Thumbnails for Blogger - New Version by BloggerWidgets
September 25, 2009 /

Aneesh of Blogger Widgets has developed a new "Related Posts" script for Blogger which displays thumbnails of images in addition to linked post titles:

In appearance, this Blogger "add-on" is similar to the LinkWithin script. Each section is highlighted in a complementary colour when the mouse hovers over it, and the entire section is clickable, leading to the URL of the "related post" displayed.

Unlike the LinkWithin script, this add-on links directly to the post page it references, and relies on Blogger's label feeds to display posts of true relevance to the post on which it appears.

Aneesh's script seems relatively easy to install. Furthermore, almost all aspects of this add-on may be customized including the style (by editing the CSS), the number of related posts to be displayed and the title of the section in which it is contained.

The image thumbnails displayed for each related post are generated from the thumbnail associated with the relevant post page. Therefore, only images which you have uploaded to each blog post (rather than referencing by URL) will be displayed. In instances where no image appears in the related post, a generic "No-Image" replacement will be be displayed instead.

Overall, I am very impressed by Aneesh's related posts script - it is neat, easily customizable and as the JavaScript is hosted by Google Code this loads very quickly..

Be sure to visit this page on the Blogger Widgets site for full instructions of installation and customization methods to add this useful script to your own Blogger blogs.

Author: Amanda Kennedy

Amanda is a professional blogger and web designer living in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

In addition to curating Blogger Buster, you can find Amanda on Twitter, Facebook or add her to your circle on Google+.

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  1. "does not rely on external JavaScript to function"

    You said that wrong. ;)

    This widget does rely on an external javascript file, plain as day, in the CSS code.

    If you look at that external javascript file that is hosted by Aneesh on googlecode.com, that is how the no/image pic. is getting called by the javascript.

    Not, a big deal since the javascript is on googlecode.com, so should be good & not hit any max bandwidth limits. Which also makes for a very clean/easy install in the blogger template (less code for the end user to mess with).

    I will say, that's some very clean looking javascript! :)

    Great job, Aneesh

  2. greatest aneesh.

    love blogger so much :)

  3. @Switcher - oops! I overlooked that, and have now edited the post. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. @Amanda

    Just thought I would point that out, just in case anyone wanted to change the defualt no/image to their own image (in the external javascript file), to blend in with their own blog colors.

    Great blog you have here, lots of great info!

  5. Amanda,

    First, thanks for bringing things like to light. However, I am experiencing a weird problem with this modification in one of your templates.

    I using the Nexus5 template for my regular and test blogs. After adding this modification, the featured post gadget ceased to work. Also, the related post thumbnails show only the "No Image" and ALL of my images are hosted by blogger. I'm scratching my head over that little quirk...

    Granted, editing the template code is very new (and somewhat intimidating) to me. I may have mucked things up a bit. But, before I dove in and tried to figure this out on my own, I wanted to see if you were aware of any known or potential conflicts with this modification and the Nexus5 template.

    Thanks for any insight you can provide, and I hope you have a great weekend. Cheers!


  6. @Amanda ,Thanks a lot for featuring this one.. :) now it takes up external images (full size images) also.

    and thanks to all of you for the support..
    it shouldn't cause any probs.. i will try it on some test blog and let you know :)

  7. @Aneesh & Amanda - Thanks, but I got it working! Chalk up my problem to an overzealous mouse while copying & pasting...

    This is a great addition to my blog. Thanks again!

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  10. Anyway where this can work without thumbnails?

    I'll definitely try this once my internet is back to normal.

  11. Yeah sure Amanda, thanks for the tips.

    Daniel Likin.

  12. hi !
    I wanna ask something but its not care this topic. I didnt know Where i may write.
    I came across an a problem about labels on blogger. When I wanted to publish my new post, I came across problem like that "ERROR ! Blog has to have 2000 labels ".

    can we change this problem ? or is it just temporary situation ? or another things ?

    help me ! please .

  13. Hello Amanda. I can't leave any comment on your personal site www.amandafazani.com
    Something wrong with the comment box verification. Form to fill out the captcha is closed by the comment box.
    By the way, blogger won't allow the code to put customize "Save as PDF" like yours here on bloggerbuster. "Save as PDF" with small icon and text. I've try the tutorial you wrote on www.bloggingtips.com but it didn't work. Thank you Amanda..

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  16. Thanks Amanda. I'll try to install this on My blog.

  17. Oi, Amanda!
    Eu sempre utilizo os recursos e tutoriais do seu site.
    Agradeço por tantas coisas úteis que você coloca aqui à disposição de todos os blogueiros.
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  18. hi,

    how did u add welcome page..can you give the script so that I can use it.


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  23. Amanda a lovely post! Thanks for this ;)

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  29. These are really interesting Tips I will try this.

  30. Amanda, Tanks for bringing things like to light :)

  31. @ Amanda
    Nice post! I'm currently using LinkWithin, but might try this one instead.
    Does this one also create a thumbnail image from videos or only from images? The LinkWithin version I'm using now takes the video still as image if I don't have an image on the post.

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  35. GREAT! I will install this script in my blog. Thanks to Aneesh and Amanda.

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