August 28, 2009

Introducing - A Searchable Directory of Gadgets for Blogger

Since Blogger launched the Gadget directory, I've been keeping track of new submissions and developing several gadgets of my own. While Blogger's directory is searchable, I realised that many bloggers would find descriptive reviews, screenshots, developer details and installation instructions a useful addition to the brief descriptions offered in the directory listings.

So I decided to create Gadgets for Blogger - a searchable directory of gadgets which have been developed specifically for the Blogger platform.

Each gadget listed in this directory features:
  • The gadget title
  • A full description of the gadget
  • Screenshot of the gadget in action
  • Details of ads included in the gadget (where applicable)
  • Contact/website details of the gadget developer (where possible) 
  • Quick install link, to add the gadget to your blog without having to navigate to your Blogger dashboard and through various menus to locate the installation link.
All gadgets listed on Gadgets for Blogger have been tested first, to ensure they display properly when installed in a Blogger blog and also to provide instructions where installation techniques may not be immediately obvious.

Featured Gadgets

The very best gadgets are assigned to the "Featured" category. These gadgets are all of exceptional quality in terms of coding, appearance and usefulness. The most recent additions to this category are highlighted above the main listings in the Featured posts showcase:

You can also find all Featured Gadgets by viewing the Featured gallery.

Submit Your Own Gadgets

If you have developed any gadgets of your own, feel free to fill in this form to submit your gadget for inclusion in the directory once they meet the following requirements:
  • Your gadget must have been developed for use with Blogger powered blogs
  • The gadget should be tested and working
  • Spam and malware gadgets will not be included. If your gadget contains ads, this will be described in the listing page.
  • Include the URL where your gadget is hosted. This enables us to create a link for readers to add the gadget directly from this site.

Here are some useful resources for Blogger gadget developers:

Regular Updates

I'll be updating Gadgets for Blogger on a weekly basis (at least) to include any new submissions to the official Gadget directory in addition to any direct submissions on the site.

Feel free to suggest any gadgets I may have missed and I'll try to get these included as soon as possinle.

See also...

If you're searching for Blogger gadgets and plugins, you should also check out Aneesh's sites:
  • Blogger Widgets, which offers tutorials and articles to help install widgets, gadgets and other add-ons in Blogger templates
  • Blogger Gadgets - a similar, searchable directory of Gadgets for the Blogger platform.

Your Thoughts?

Do you think Gadgets for Blogger will be a useful resource for the Blogger community? Do you have any suggestions for how it may be improved?

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts about this new project by leaving your comments below.

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