March 21, 2011

Blogger's Forthcoming Features - New Dashboard, Post Editor, Content Discovery and more!

While 2010 was an exciting year for Blogger with the addition of the new Template Designer, Real-time stats and web fonts (to name a few of the features released), 2011 looks to be even more exciting.

At SXSW the Blogger team demonstrated two fabulous forthcoming features: an updated post editor and "content discovery". I can't begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to these new features!

New (and improved) Dashboard and Post Editor

Blogger's upcoming dashboard revamp promises to be faster, more intuitive and incredibly user-friendly.

Using the Google Web Toolkit, we'll be able to switch seamlessly between areas of the dashboard with virtually no page loading time:

Original Dashboard
New Dashboard

The upcoming post editor seeks to make typing out posts more intuitive and with less necessity to scroll as most options appear in the toolbar at the top of the page:

Blogger's new post editor
After seeing the preview shots and video, I'm sure we're all curious about potential new features in the toolbar for creating and editing blog posts!

Content Discovery

Another much anticipated feature, Blogger's content discovery feature will help readers find content related to your blog posts while viewing pages of your site. Including posts from our blogs, real-time content from around the web and a snazzy trends/topics section, related content looks set to work from within the Blogger Navbar, replacing the "Next Blog" random link (which for many will prove a far more useful feature):

Finding related content on the Google Chrome blog

More than this...?

Yet more updates and new features will be released in 2011 (and beyond!) though as yet the Blogger Team remain tight lipped as to what these will be.

Mobile templates look set for improvement (as hinted in the video below) and perhaps we'll see more highly requested updates and improvements too. Of course I'll let Blogger Buster readers know about these forthcoming updates as soon as I'm able so be sure to subscribe to stay up to date on what's new with Blogger!

In the meantime, take a look at what the Blogger team have developed over the past few years and enjoy your sneak peek at the features I've described so far:

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