October 30, 2010

Sleepy Hollow - A Free Blogger Template for Halloween

It's been a long time since I designed a free Blogger template, so since Halloween is one of my favourite holidays I decided to design "Sleepy Hollow" - just in time for October 31st!

"Sleepy Hollow" is a simple, customizable template built to be used with the new Blogger Template Editor. It features:
  • Halloween themed background images (designed by Iaroslav Lazunov)
  • Customized fonts for titles, using the IM Fell font family (via Google Web Fonts)
  • Elegant, customizable colour scheme
  • As customizable as Blogger's new templates (width, height, colours, layout)
View Demo | Download Sleepy Hollow Template



How to install this Blogger Template

This template download is offered as a Zip folder, which contains the following files:
  • Main template file: sleepy-hollow-halloween-template-blogger.xml
  • Image files: header-bg.png and content-bg.png
  • Instructions for use: read-me.pdf
Once you have downloaded the folder, extract the files to an easily-found location on your computer.

Now, go to the Design>Edit HTML section of your Blogger dashboard. Near the top of this page, you'll find a form to upload a new template.

Click the "Browse" button, locate the file: sleepy-hollow-halloween-template-blogger.xml, and upload it.

You may be asked if you would like to delete selected gadgets from your template - this happens when your existing template includes gadgets which are not included in the template you are uploading. In this case, you can choose to retain the widgets (which will be placed in the sidebar or other widget-ready area of the new template) or delete them.  If in doubt, choose to keep the widgets as you can always change their position or delete them through the Page Elements section at a later time.

After these few simple steps, your new template will be uploaded and available to use.

License and Distribution

Sleepy Hollow is delivered under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Attribution License 3.0, which means you are free to use and share this template on the condition that you provide attribution. In other words, do not claim the design of this template as your own!

Download this template

Please take a look at the live demo or download this template:  

View Demo | Download Sleepy Hollow Template

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